My Unwanted Partner In Crime....[1] Dead Bomb Walking...

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Hello lovlies :) so this is my new story (to those of you who read my last story)... to those of you who didn't, well, welcome to my writing haha this is pretty much the first chapter but its really short because its also kind of like the prologue... if you want to know what's gonna' happen here's what I can tell you: there will be action, there will be twists, there will be frustration, and there... might be romance haha ;) ;).... anyways tell me what you think and ill start on the next chapter but i would like at least 7 comments and 13 votes... thx plz vote, comment, and become a fan!!!

- - -PROLOGUE/ CHAPTER 1- - - Dead Bomb Walking...

- - - - 9:47p.m.- Saint Lendon Towers- Penthouse- - - -

The sweat beads on my forehead were common. The hammering in my chest was natural, and the tension in my shoudlers could only be anticipated. Yet, my knees didn't buckle, and my hands did not shake as I snipped the green wire strung between my pinky and my ring finger and then the yellow one I was holding onto with my middle finger and thumb.

- -00:23-BEEP!- - -00:22-BEEP!- - -00:21-BEEP!- -

I breathed deeply as the digital black numbers ticked away just beyond my fingertips. I carefully wove the yellow and green live wires under the red wire.

- -00:19-BEEP!- - -00:18-BEEP!- - -00:17-BEEP!- -

I finally crossed the two wires with the blue one and sighed as the numbers froze and the beeping ceased. Hm, fifteen seconds to spare... Where was the challenge in defusing these bombs anymore? I shook my head in dissaproval and tossed the dead bomb into my black duffle bag before making my way out of this penthouse.

The black boots I was wearing were made for sneaking around, so they were usually quieter than my favorite pair of worn out converse; but as I walked through the living room, something crunched beneath my feet. I looked down to see shattered porcelain and crushed flowers scattered on the wooden flooring. That wasn't here before. I tilted my head to the side the slightest bit as I thought. Then I looked around the penthouse.

Two guards with bloody noses and broken ribs in front of the door- check. Two 'suits' in the kitchen floor sporting badly bruised or broken collar bones and large goose eggs on their heads- check. One guard out on the couch with a bloody gash above his eye- check. One 'suit' out cold in the hallway- che...

"Shit!" I hissed, dashing back into the living room. Not only did the missing suit stand before me, but he was accompained by three more guards and the piece of scum himself: Mr. James C. Haneline... a.k.a... the one responsible for this bomb.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Mr. Haneline laughed a deep, menacing laugh holding true to the super villian stereotype. I didn't waste a single second looking freightened, though I was scared as hell. I immediately backed away and ran for the back room. I didn't turn forwards until I was a safe distance away but it was only a matter of seconds until I heard thundering footsteps behind me. I turned to face the first man to reach for me and delivered a high kick to his nose. I heard a cracking sound before the blood gushed out but that didn't stop the muscular gaurd from grabbing for me again. I narrowly escaped once but as I turned for the bedroom door a few feet away the man wrapped his arm around my neck. I knew how to break out of this but the man's hold was stronger than any I'd faced before.

Just as I began gasping for air I mustered up the strength to slam my elbow into the man's temple. I was well trained at this and the guard blacked out before he hit the ground. Unfortunately, the next gaurd took his spot, clutching my wind pipe in his over-sized hand. I remebered this position from my training, so I was able to swing my arm underneath his and wind it around until I grabbed his elbow and dug my thumb into the side of his elbow hitting his pressure point directly which caused his arm to flinch just enough so that I could jerk my neck out of his claws. I kick him quickly in the gut and then the ribs causing him to double over and cough. This made it easy for me to bring my knee up to his face twice, before he finally fell to the ground. The last guy was easier to take out than the first two because while they didn't train like myself, they had their intemidating mass going for them. This guard was smaller than either of them, so he had niether element on his side.