Protective Edward

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I can't believe it. I can't believe I did this. Edward is going to be so upset because he is so brooding about my safety. Granted I am a human and compared to him I am fragile. My land a vampire is indestructable except for total dismemberment and fire.

Like really when is that going to happen in life. Not often that is for sure, and it is not like anything bad happened here. I got a ticket coming home from Port Angelese after racing there to get a book I need for the paper in English.

Damn! It is not like Edward doesn't speed most of the time too. Ok, so I forgot my seatbeat. Well, actually I like not wearing it when he is not around because he is such a mother hen. At least he can't read my mind so maybe I don't have to tell him about it. As long as Alice doesn't forsee anything I should be ok.

She was busy today too planning the end of the year bash at the Cullens. Keeping things normal for me is going to be my death.


"Bella I have agreed to change you after we marry," Edward said will kissing my neck. As we get closer to the change date or the wedding date, he gets more lovey. He seems to be feeling more able to control himself. "I still want you to have all the stuff a normal girl graduating from high school has. End of the year party is one of those things you will thank me for later."

I scoff, "I like I will remember. You yourself have said that you don't remember much from before changing" I so hate having a spectacle made of me or worse yet being the center of attention. My lot in life is being the wallflower.

"Belle, I still remember big stuff like graduating,"he smirked.

"You remember graduating because you have done it like a gazillion times," I come back.

"Still you are having a party and that is that. Think of Charlie, he will get to have this memory as well," he said.

I couldn't argue there so I said nothing as I noticed that Edwards experssion is changing to a more serious one as he cleared his throat. "Ah love, I need to talk to you about another thing as well," he said with his tone of voice changing completely. "Alice had a vision the other day when you took my car to town to get some things you needed."

I purposely avoided his direct gaze at me because I could guess what was coming next. Yes, I did not wear my seatbelt into and back from town. I guess I was a bad girl, but really it was only about 10 miles around trip, and nothing happened. Dang there was no escaping Alice-vision.

Edward put his finger under my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. I can play this game too because I will just look through my lashes at him. "Isabella, look at me," he ordered." No escaping the you know you did wrong tone, so I looked up. "Alice told me she had a vision of you getting into a little fender bender, no fault of yours."

"Hey, that didn't even happen so someone saw wrong or a human changed their mind," I spoke up.

Placing his fingers over my mouth to shush me, he continue, "Thank goodness nothing happened, and it would not have been your fault either. That is not why I am bring this up, but you know why I am mentioning this don't you, young lady," he said.

Blinking fast I mummbled, "Damn Pixie."

"Stop," he commanded, "you wouldn't have to worry about the Pixie if you were taking care of yourself. Bella sometimes I feel like you are about two and I have to remember you constantly how to take care of yourself."

"But nothing happened," I whispered.

"That is not the point," he continued, "it could have, and if it did you would have gotten hurt. So for pity's sake what should you have been doing. I know you know exactly what I am talking about or you wouldn't be actively avoiding me."

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