chapter 8

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The episode starts with rudra clearing all his papers and gave this happy news to everyone.Oberios are very happy hearing it especially Tej.

Tej :shivaay here after you make sure of his studies after he finishes his college please make sure he joins office with you


Shivaay :sure bade papa

Rudra:but why papa

Tej :rudra stop behaving like a kid if these 2 say your kid doesn't mean you're a kid you have grown up behave like adult.I agree I don't want om to become a painter I thought he won't succeed he will loes his future he proved me wrong if you have any talents like om I won't have been worried but your wasting your time in parties and pup I want you to be a matured person like your brothers

All are schoked with Tej talk. Om pitch Rudra. Rudra shouts

Rudra:why did pitch me om

Om:is this really Mr. Oberio

Shivaay :yes he is he changed

Scene shift to mehata mansion

Anika:bhai  please please at least let me drop sahil and Jai to school

Neil:no anu your not going out

Ranveer :yes anu your safety come first so your not going out what you want ask us we will give you

Anika just left the place crying

Abhi and pragya comes there and sees anika crying

Abhi:what happened why anu is crying

Ranveer :she want to go out

Pragya :let her go for how many days you will lock her in house

Ranveer:bhabhi it is for her safety

Pragya :for how long you will say this Ranveer if you guys are continuing this again she will run away

Abhi:pragya stop it I will talk to her now you go to her check whether she had her breakfast

Pragya nodded her head and went

Just then Purab and bulbul comes there
Abhi :bulbul you go and see whether she is OK or not

Bulbul nodded her head and went from there

Purab:what happened to anu

Neil:she wants to go out.ok I promised avni to take out for breakfast I will go meet you all on office 

Just then oberio brothers comes there

Neil:hai shivaay, om and rudra

Shiomru:hai neil

Neik:ok guys you carry on I will catch you later saying this Neil left the place

Abhi:welcome Oberios any news

Rudra:actually we have planned to conduct a party we came to invite you your brothers and sister

Abhi gave a angry look at Rudra  and says we can come but you can't expect anu

Om :but why

Ranveer :listen Anu safety is our first priority we cannt take risk by bringing her to an unknown place

Rudra:we are not calling everyone we are calling only few peoples and anika di knows them well

Just then pragya comes and says I think he is right let's take her there

Abhi:ok we will come


Anika in party hall with her brothers

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