Chapter 2

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His arms are strong as they embrace me, keeping me tightly around his chest.


He is so comfortable, so warm.


"Yes?" I ask sleepily.

"Would it be so wrong for me to follow by those rumors?"


"Well," he sits up and I'm forced off his chest, he looks at me and smiles, "how about we make those 'rumors' true."

"What rumors exactly? There are too many to recall."

I can't help but chuckle at all those stupid reports of my 'pregnancy'.

"The proposal one; what if maybe we did get married?" His light blue eyes are smiling at me.

What am I meant to say now? I'm speechless. I don't really want to get married...but I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Well maybe I do want marriage; but I just thought if I did get married to Nick it would be in the future.

"Uh Nick..." I try to say something, but I can't.

He waits for a little while, watching my eyes darting to avoid his and my frown before he understands.

"Oh, I- I'm sorry..." He looks down. It's awkward now. I sigh sadly.

"I'm so sorry, I don't mean to be mean I just thought- you know. I don't think I'm quite ready for marriage."

He smiles at me, but I know he's struggling. He puts a hand on my cheek.

"It's fine, Jennifer, I understand. You can just tell me when you're ready and I'll stay with you forever." He wraps his arms around me.

But even as I lay my head on his chest, hearing his heart beat, I think of when I'll be ready.

When will I be ready?

For some reason, now I'm thinking of Josh. I want to call him, except it's midnight and I doubt he would want a call from me.

I sigh quietly, only loud enough for me to hear from the muffle from Nick's shirt.

Nicholas releases me and I look up at him, his bright smile, he's always so wonderful to me.

I get up and lean down, kissing his cheek.

"I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight." I whisper.

"Alright," he looks up at me, "I won't be long either, pretty long day."

"Yeah." I nod in agreement.

"I love you Jennifer." He kisses my hand.

I look around for my phone and see it on the bench, it's screen is on and it's buzzing.

"I love you too." I reply after too long.

He releases my hand and I walk to the stairs, grabbing my phone as I go.

I rush up the stairs, walk through the corridors and go into my bedroom. The place is kept clean thanks to Nicholas.

I unlock my phone once I've closed the door, I see a message from Josh.

"You awake?"

I reply.

"Of course, did you seriously expect for me to be asleep?"

He replies moments later.

"No way, but I couldn't be bothered being the idiot who thinks someone is awake when they're not."

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