dos | rosas

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Rosas — roses
A la mierda — fuck
Buenas tardes — good evening
Mi niño — my child
Señor — sir


Jin, after much persisting from his friend, drove Jungkook all the way to his home.

"Don't get into any more trouble okay-" the elder sighed. "Oh, why do I bother trying?"

Jungkook grinned. "Glad you've figured out after nearly ten years."

The boy pushed open the door, creaking it all the way back.

Jungkook put one foot out the carriage, stepping onto the concrete.

Getting out, he looked back at his friend, dusting himself.

"You're welcome for saving your ass," drawled Jin.

Chuckling, Jungkook bid him an adios, and watched the carriage leave in a hurry, cluttering against the hard road.

He turned back to his house.

The marble fountain greeted him, water sprouting from the finger of the naked woman, sculpted in white.

Sending her his daily air kiss, he walked round it, being careful of the lip of the pool, threatening to overflow.

He looked up to his home.

The estate, towering above the boy, was like an unwelcoming wall, barring him from the other side.

It was a white mansion, lined in red paint on all sides, on all partings. Little glass windows scattered all around the face of the estate, some open to let in the summer breeze, some closed to cover whatever was being done inside.

Jungkook went up the front steps, stopping just a foot away from the great wooden double doors of his home.

His hand fisted, going up to tap repeatedly on the door.

A few minutes later, shuffling sounded from inside.

The doors swung open.

Standing there was a chubby little woman, her grey streaked brown hair braided down to her shoulders. Covering her was a plain black dress, a dirty white apron atop it.

Although she had aged quite a bit, her smile was a young and eternal little gesture, always lighting up in the presence of a certain someone.


The boy returned her smile. And that certain someone happens to be me.

"Mama," he greeted, planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

The woman stepped to the side, allowing Jungkook to enter his home.

The entrance led out to a patio-like space, no roof shading this area in the middle. Cream coloured columns held up the several floors of various rooms.

Due to the roofless entry, the two dwellers were exposed to the extreme summer sun, causing Jungkook to sweat more than he liked.

A hammock hung among the towering columns, swaying slightly by whatever wind that came near. Jungkook strolled over to it, settling himself down.

A delicious scent from the open kitchens roamed over to where Jungkook sat. It engulfed his nose, and he let out a noise which had the woman tutting.

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