Chapter 2

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I let Jay's declaration sink in as I train my gaze on the fighting down below. Brenna's husband, Nickolai, has been hunting me down since the last tournament when I killed his mate. His soldiers tracked me day and night as I was the abomination that threatened their way of life. With powers over water and death, I could easily destroy anyone who stood in my way and I mercilessly defeated whoever he sent after me.

As I think of all the enemies I've conquered, I stare at the one exception - Nickolai's son, Cainen.  I'd heard whispers about his strength, but I had never seen his capabilities in action until now. With his ability to take away powers, he's the only threat for any protector - especially me.

I flinch watching Cainen easily demolish his next opponent.  The crowd erupts in blistering roars of glee - their bloodlust amplified by the loud stomping.  Their jeering rings in my ears.

"We need to leave. Now!" Jay screams. The stands are jumping, their motions wild and uncontrolled as Taynor and Cainen step into the middle of the fighting platform.

"You don't need to see this, Lena," Jay shouts again. I can hear the worry laced in his raised voice as his face rotates back and forth from viewing the fight to checking on my expression.

"KILL HIM!" the gods' child on my left screams, his barbaric slurring as ravenous as his crazed eyes.  Saliva drips from his lips, but he licks it away in sick anticipation. 

Swallowing my revulsion, I stand up to put an end to this charade.  Only I can stop what's about to happen next.

"No!" Jay hollers, his hand clenching defiantly around my wrist. I yank my arm away from him, but his grip is locked steadily in place and I only manage to bring him closer to my side.

"If you go down there, they will capture you.  You may not be able to die, but they will rip you limb from limb for the rest of your life.  We're leaving.  Now."

I close my eyes as the whooping and hollering escalates. I want to bring a wave of water over the entire stadium and drown out their pathetic chanting, but Nickolai would get what he truly wants.  Me.

I turn to face Jay. "If he wins, you know what his wish is going to be."

"I know," he says.  "But you can't save her if you're captured."

Allowing Jay to take the lead, we charge through the crowd to the top of the stadium. While all eyes focus on the disgusting events below, I jump from the tip of the wall and focus on free falling.  Crashing onto unrelenting hard ground, I heal the broken bones before my body can register pain.  I stand and fix Jay as he follows in pursuit.

"That's a nice little trick you got there," Jay comments as his hands sliver over his renewed form. Shaking his head, he gives me an appraising glance.

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise," a male voice interrupts.

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