Chapter 18

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The start of the day was uneventful, spending most of the morning in the car after breakfast. Aylin was looking out the window, watching the trees whip by. Part of her mind wandered to the shower activity in the wee hours of the morning, with the rest of her mind plagued with going back to her old pack. 

Immediately, she blocked Kaia out so she didn't have to hear the constant complaining. Neither of them wanted to go back, but it was necessary. Aylin concluded that Ezekiel didn't want her far for a reason further than being near alone with Ana. He wanted her there because of what he was feeling for her. 

'What am I going to do when I get back there? I don't know if I can do this,' she thought to herself. 'What will they say when I show up with the rogue king. This will not end well.'

'What will they say?' a masculine voice entered her mind.

"Nothing," she replied, out loud. "I'm just being overdramatic."

'Personally, I'd like to get my hands on whomever rejected you.' 

Looking at her mate, he was gazing out the window, fists clenched on his thighs, jaw clenched. The anger emanating through his pores made Aylin almost sick to her stomach. If she focused, it was as though there was a black energy surrounding him. Still the idea that she had been rejected weighed heavily on him. 

"But you have me now," she reassured, resting her hand on his balled up first.

The touch of her hand instantly softened his demeanor. Though his eyes never moved from the window, she could feel the lightness in the link between them. Unfurling his hand, she linked her fingers with his, sliding closer to him on the seat. 

Closing her eyes, Aylin took a nap before they arrived back at Dark Moon Pack. 


A light shaking roused Aylin from her slumber. "We're here, baby," Ezekiel's voice softly said. 

Popping up, the men from the other car were already waiting outside for them to exit their car. They all had an air of aggressiveness about them. Even Quill. 

Simply nodding, they exited the car. "Where do you want me to be?" she asked, inquisitively.

"By my side. You're my mate, and my Luna and Queen. We're equals."

Nodding, she acknowledged. 

Before her, was the old pack house that she remembered so well. Nothing about it changed, but nothing would in such a short time. It was still the same four story, red brick house with the blooming bushes in the front. Distant chatter, and children's voices was heard from the backyard.

Seeing the house brought back memories which made her heart palpitate in her chest. Blocking out the wolves around her, she didn't want them to feel her angst. It wouldn't be good for her, certainly not for the King who needed to be on his toes. 

"Deep breaths, Aylin."  Quill's voice whispered behind her, it was comforting to her for a moment. "Remember to keep your head up, Ay," Quill reminded her of the standing she now had in their pack. "You're a Luna now, stand your ground."

Looking back at him, she sent him a small smile. He knew why she was so tense, but she didn't heed his word. Not telling Ezekiel the truth before they left was a mistake, but Aylin was too paranoid that things would change between them. 

Still sensing Aylin's distress, Quill took a place behind her. 

When the front door opened, Daemon came out, with Ophelia at his side. His beta, David, and his Delta, Jameson, flanking. Seemingly, they are the only ones who have changed in the last few weeks. They've trained hard, and their well-earned muscles are showing. If its possible, Daemon looks more appetizing that before. His shaggy hair hanging on his forehead, day old stubble on his chiseled chin. The entire spectacle made Aylin nervous. 

"Alpha Morris!" Ezekiel called out. 

"Alpha Malin!" he responded. 

The two groups approached each other. Seeing Ophelia next to Daemon didn't have the same affect on Aylin as it had months ago. Rather, she felt relieved being next to a wolf that loved her, and treated her as an equal. 

Instinctively, Aylin was about to bow her head in submission. 

But recalling Quill's words, she raised her head in confidence. Almost immediately, Daemon's eyes widened, as did the eyes of those at his side. His fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes darkened.  

"Let's get down to business," Ezekiel interrupted Daemon's reverie. 

Shaking it off, he turned his attention to the King. "Of course. This is my Luna, Ophelia. My beta, David, and my Delta, Jameson." They all bowed in submission to the fierce looking wolf before them. 

"Pleased to meet you. This is my Luna, and Queen, Aylin. My beta, Quill, and Delta, Angus." Ezekiel slipped an arm loosely around Aylin's waist, bringing her closer to him. Clearly, he saw the way Daemon responded simply seeing her again, but he wasn't entirely sure why. Daemon's eyes narrowed at Aylin, making her cringe.

"Please, come inside." 

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