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Dear Smartasses,

I went to my friends youth group at their church and the guest speaker was talking about homosexuality. I heard that, and immediately started listening like "ohoho".
And the speaker goes "blah blah blah, it's guy/girl relationships, not guy/guy, or girl/girl. But it's okay to have homosexual friends as long as you try to get them to see the error of their ways. If it becomes clear that you can't do that, they shouldn't be your friends, you could infect you and we don't want that." And the friend who's church this was looked shocked, it was clear they had never heard this.
"Blah blah blah, God forgives! And so, those who have ever had homosexual thoughts or actions confess to him, swear never to do it again! God will let you into heaven! Do not go into hell with the homosexuals. Rejoice for the lord forgives!!"
The leader, who was sick, wasn't there, and the other adults weren't there for some reason that I don't remember. So what Caleb, Abby, the friend and I do is:
We stand up. The speaker goes "confess your sins out loud to God!" And the friend says "this was a waste of my time, and maybe if God forgives, he will forgive you for saying that CRAP about homosexuals." And the kids and stuff were clapping and the guy was yelling about how it was unnatural and disgusting. So I grabbed Caleb and we kissed right in front of him.
And then he gags and a random guy yells "step back, he's gonna vomit."
Safe to say that guy is awesome.
And I have a story about Abby and Demon coming up soon.


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