Chapter 23 - Just lucky to have him

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Few Hours Later

"Wake up, sleepyhead."

Warm fingers are stroking my cheek, and I can hear a television on in the background.

Where am I?

Jason's apartment. Cinema room. I was watching a movie. I must've fallen asleep.

I blink open my heavy eyes to see Jason's autumn eyes staring back at me.

God, he's beautiful.

"Hey." I stretch my arms out, smiling at him. "I fell asleep, watching a movie."

"So I see. Which movie was it? Just so I know not to watch it. Couldn't have been that good if you passed out."

I don't tell him half the reason I fell asleep was because I'd been fighting a headache that hit not long after he'd left for work, and I'd spent most of the morning either in the bathroom, vomiting up the breakfast he'd made me, or lying in his bed with the shades drawn.

It wasn't until lunchtime that I'd felt half-human, so I'd showered the smell of vomit off me while remembering what Jason had done to me in the shower that morning. Even though it'd made me smile, it'd actually made me feel lonely, too.

Lonely for him.

After my shower, I had taken some more pain pills, and then I'd come into the cinema room and put a movie on.

"Latest Bond film," I tell him.

"I'll give it a miss then." Lifting my legs, he sits on the sofa beside me and puts my legs back in his lap.

Jason's cinema room is amazing. Instead of separate cinema chairs, he has one huge black U-shaped sofa that is loaded with these uber soft gray-and-black cushions. It's the comfiest sofa I have ever sat  on.

In the center of the room is a glass coffee table, and the walls are padded. On the far wall is the screen, which is quite possibly the size of the ones you see in a theater. It's freaking awesome.

"How was work?" I ask him, turning to lie on my back.

"Dull. I would have much rather been here with you." His hand is running absentmindedly up and down my bare leg.

I'm wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which I packed in my overnight bag to sleep in. As , I thought I'd wear them as my lounge-around clothes.

"Here with me, watching a boring film?" I chuckle.

"Yeah, but boring with you is much better than being stuck in a meeting with a bunch of men. With you, if we're both bored, then at least we can make up our own fun together." His eyebrows rise, his lips lifting.

"True." I grin, biting my lower lip.

I touch my feet together and realize they're cold. Lifting my legs, I tuck one foot inside his suit jacket and the other between his firm thighs.

He's wearing a navy blue three-piece suit. He looks incredibly sexy in a suit. But then again, he looks just as sexy without one...more so actually.

Jason is a beautiful sight to see.

"Comfy?" he asks, grabbing the foot that's burrowed inside his jacket through the fabric.

"Very. Thanks."

He starts massaging my foot.

"Mmm, that feels good." I shut my eyes.

"Don't fall asleep again. We're going out soon."

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