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School is starting soon, in three days. I cannot update regularly but I'll try my best. April is when things will get a little bumpy such as big exams and projects pile up. Please understand this. I want to clean this book and edit it, but I want to keep it as it is to remember my past self. Every month, I become less cringey or more?

Here are a bunch of oneshots, so you know what to look forward to.

Sugino x Tsundere! Reader requested by Akano_Izumi

Karma x Scared! Readerrequested by ari_kim06

Itona x Reader requested by FOOLISH-RANDOM

Maehara x Flirty! Readerrequested by ThatGurlCanRead

Nagisa x Depressed! Reader requested byKodiix

Karma x Short! Reader requested by Kodiix

Karma x Werewolf! Reader requested by Tsundere_wolf

Karma x Ghoul! Reader requested by (I literally forgot their username whoops)

Karma x Reader x Asano

There are more but here are some I've been working on. You can still request even though the list is long. Everytime I close them somebody seems to request. When I open them, nobody requests. When I close, well many people request. I don't always do them in order, it depends on the scenario and if I'm inspired or not. I can't force myself sometimes but I'm writing them slowly, hopefully all before May.

I also want to start a new karma x reader series, I'm slowly giving up. Why not do a Q&A, comment and I'll answer your question directly.

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