Chapter 1

Lila's P.O.V

Music blasted in my ears as I swayed my hips to the music. Dancing in the mirrior, while using the brush as a microphone, as I sung to the top of my lungs. Only dressed in a pink v-neck shirt with short black boy shorts. My honey colored hair soaking wet from my early shower.

"Your so fine, I want you mine, your so delicious! I think about you all the time your so addictive! Dont you know what I can do to make you feel alright?!" I sung over the music in my brush.

Swashing my hair in all directions.

I danced over to my closet and pulled out my outfit I've been planning for months. Today was the first day back to school. Goodbye Junior, hello senior! No longer will my friends and I be home studying for finnals, anymore. Now, it's party time! Boy time! And college time.

I smiled at that thought, and picked up white denim skirt, and purple tanktop. They were freshly cleaned, and ironed to a crisp. I tool out my black flats, with a flower at the tip.

I moved over to my mirrior, and added eyeliner to my slightly tanned face, along with some eye shadow. My eyelashes were already thick, so that was unnecesary.

My blue eye's were bright with excitment. I squealed for no apparent reason and moved over to my outfit. Once that was carefully put on, I slipped on my shoe's.

My hair was now dry, but had my natural curls in it. 

A beep ringed in my ears, slightly overpowering my blasting music. I walked over to my window to see all four of my friends, in their usual  black, shiny escalade.

I waved at them, and ran over to my mirrior, doing a double check. Quickly applying some pink cotton candy lip gloss, I fluffed out my hair, turned off the music, and ran out of my room door. My yellow bookbag over my shoulder.

I bounced down stairs, not paying attention to when my mother yelled "I love you!".

Right before I closed the door I yelled back "Love you too!" and slammed the door, running across my lawn and to the car.

The bright yellow sun, almost blinding me.

"Lila!" called my bestfriend Vennessa.

"Hey V!" I greeted brightly, jumping into the back seat. The cool airconditioner hitting my arms and egs comfortably.

I have'nt seen any of my friends since before the summer time. The've been everywhere on acation, and so have I. We still called each other, but I missed my friends.

"Lila! We've missed you so much!" Parker yelled, hauling himself across the seat, hugging me.

I laughed and hugged him back tightly. Parker was one of my bestfriends since kindergarden. We've all been bestfriends since them. Vannessa and I have been friends way before that. More like when we were born. There was Vannessa, Parker, Micheal, and Blade. Blade was the quiet one, but we've been friends since we first started high school. Blade was buff. Thick with muscle, with brown hair, and grey eye's.

"What's up LiLi?" Micheal asked from the driver's seat.

I smiled at him through the rearview mirrior, meeting his brown orbs.

"Well Mikey, let's just say I am very excited about this year." I announced, bouncing up and down in the seat.

They all laughed at me, even Blade who cracked a smile in the passenger seat.

"I can see that. I haven't seen you this happy since you first found out you passed eighth grade." he chuckled.

I remember then. I failed one of my finnals and cried for weeks afraid I wouldn't be able to go to highschool with my friends.

I laughed along with everyone else, and wached impatiently for the familiar white school to come into my view.

After a few more minuts, I saw it. The big "Welcome back", banner standing proudly at the beggening og the parking lot. The crowded spaces filled with students, and cars. People laughing, and hugging.

Everything was just filled with joy.

Successfully we found a parking spot and hoped out of the car. Laughter and talking rang in my ears, as I looked around excitedly.

"Well, after a joyful, hot summer, welcome back to my own personal hell. Chasity High." Parker groaned.

I chuckled and patted his shoulder, shooting him a look full of fake sympathy.

"Aww it's okay Parker, maybe if you stop acting gay, you wont get pushed into shit everyday." Vannessa suggested, smiling sweetly at him.

He glared at her, and stalked off. I shot Vannessa a stern look telling her to behave.

"Let's just go." I siad linking my arm with her's and dragging her away. "Bye, see you in class! If not at lunch!" I called over my shoulder to Micheal and Blade.

"Gosh I am so excitted! This year, is going to rock! Parties, and clubs, middle tables! And Parties!" she squealed jumping up and down inexcitment.

Her red hair bouncing with her. Her blue eye's shinning in excitment. I laughed out loud, and jumped along with her.

Once we stopped we continued walking towards our lockers, from last year. We continued chit- chatting.

"Who do you think our teacher's are? I hope to god we get Ms. Camerilla!" she said.

I laughed at her stupidness.

"First of all, Ms. Camerilla is twenty-two. Second of all she's not even our teacher! She's out guidence counslor stupid!" I laughed harder, leaning against the wall next to her locker.

Confusion slipped onto her face, before understanding did.

"Oh yeah. I could have sworn she was out math teacher." she said, frowning.

What would the day be like without V, and her stupidness. It would be very boring that's what.

"Sometimes, I wonder how you got though tenth grade, without even knowing our math teacher, Mr. Smith. Not Ms. Camerilla." I said, closing my locker door shut.

"What ever. All I know is that nothing will ruin this year. This is our last year, I say we go rebel on everyone." She suggested, leaning down to pick up her bookbag.

I snickered.

"All I know is that nothing with ruin my mood to day. Not even-" I stopped mid-sentence, as I realised Vannessa's eye's grew wide with fear. The hall way's got quiet, as I heard numerous heavy foot steps.

The noise stopped behind me as I felt heat radiate onto my back, making me squeeze my eye's shut. Then, I heard it. The deep, husky, sex-like voice, that made my blood run cold.

"Hello Dalila."It said in greeting. The italian accent present and clear as day.

My eye's widened as I regconized the voice. Angelo.

Angelo Luca. In other words....the school badboy/ sexiest man on earth/ bully/ the man who made my highschool years a living hell.




                                                                                             --mrsPokemon409 :D

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