What Finger ?!

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I walked nervously. Her entire family had smiles on their faces. But I was still nervous. "Relax." My grandfather whispered. I looked at him nervously. He gave me a warm smile, he had a smile making his warm eyes even warmer than usual. "I love you Y/N." Grandpa kissed my cheek then left me in front. He walked back then sat down right in front of me, first row. As grandpa would say in a Lakers game 'the best seats'.


"Go Lamar !" I cheered as easily ran through every other player. Grandpa gave me a thumbs up. Lamar, he shoots, he scores and I shot out of my seat with grandpa following. "Go Lakers !" We both yelled with huge smiles. Later in the game I looked at my grandpa he seemed distant. "What are you thinking about gramps ?" I asked and he smiled. "You." He winked and I giggled. "I love the seats thanks." I smiled kissing his cheek then watched the players. "The best seats." Grandpa said and I nodded. "You'll always have the best seats gramps." I said and he smiled at me then looked back in front of him.


I took a deep breath checking if my shirt was buttoned up correctly. Something I always management do wrong. Seems fine. My song ended I stood there clenching my jaw biting my tongue trying my best to stop the tears and blinking faster. "You got this." Cara and Khloe said from beside me. That's when the song I played her started and that's when everything on from that night on the beach changed.


"Dj play this song after this." I said and then ran to Kendall who was searching for we on the beach. I needed time to talk. "Here comes the shark." I yelled running to her. She yelped running. "Y/N you're such a dick !" She laughed hitting my shoulder realizing it's me. I smiled at her then took my towel laying it down on the sand. "This is different. What's with you ?" She asked I could sense the nervousness but she had a smile, was she excited ? "I never expected things to turn out like this. I never thought I would be here to start with. You make me a better person - as cheesy as it sounds. I've never felt this way about someone, I'm scared. But I'm willing to be scared with you." I looked at her and she had this beautiful huge smile. "Will you be my girlfriend ?" I asked and she nodded tackling my lips I fell back she just straddled me my hands made their way to her waist. "I love you Y/N Y/L/N." Kendall said releasing a deep breath. I smiled at her. "I love you Kendall Jenner." I smiled then kissed the woman above me. "I dedicated a song to you." I smiled sheepishly. "You did ?" She asked surprised. "May I please have this dance ?" I asked and she nodded gladly.


The people all stood up looking backwards. My grandpa gave me a big thumbs up. I moved a little so I could see better. I smiled feeling a tear slip. North, Penelope and Reign, Saint and Mason came down the sandy isle looking like little angels. Reign tripped, Kylie went to go get her but. "Uncle Y/N !" I smiled jogging to him. I kneeled in front of him and he hugged me. "We missed you." The kids hugged me. I laughed at their tricks. Kim and Kourtney seemed so amused. "Me too." I kissed his knee then went back to my spot. I started tapping a beat. "Relax." Bella said from my side. "You'll be fine." Gigi and Hails said I looked over at them. The girls were my best woman except Gigi. My side was Cara, Bella, Hailey, Khloe. On her side she has, Gigi, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney. Kylie came out and everything faded away when I saw her. I started to tear up more. She looked beautiful. As she always does. So elegant in that dress. It's so casual. I looked at her in awe as she approached me. I didn't even hear or see anything but her as she approached. Moments away from a life changing experience. Only two words no longer three.

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