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A/N: This story is literally stuck. This piece was written quite some time ago and so I wanted to share it. Foreboding, after all, is a powerful incentive.

*****“It was a beautiful and yet tragic love. A boy and a girl met while enjoying a beautiful garden near the outskirts of the city. They were both independent people, living alone although their families resided in the same city. They met each other in the rose gardens and fell in love. The boy had a sworn duty and had to go on away to hunt down some enemies of his family. Some of them ran towards his home to ambush him there but what they found was the beautiful girl waiting for her love. They held her restrained and when the boy arrived, they threatened to kill her if he didn’t come willingly with them.” Alex narrated.

“But it is so obvious! To hurt him, they can hurt her too.” I exclaimed, clearly engrossed by her narration as I felt the scene unfold in front of my eyes.

“Yes, it was obvious.” She replied in a sad and thoughtful tone. “The boy realized this too. He confessed his love to the girl and walked towards her to embrace it. The enemies grinned devilishly to each other as they saw their victory almost in their grasp. He walked closer to her and gave her a small peck on the lips and mouthed to her, “I’m sorry.” Before anyone else realized what was happening, the boy thrust his sword through her heart, killing her instantly.” I gasped at her narration as I tried to understand why he did so. Alex ignored my gasp and continued in her sad tone and I suspected some tears had bound to come soon, considering the way she looked away from me.

“Shocked at this, no one recovered fast enough as the boy began attacking his enemies with a new uncontrollable rage. When only one was left standing in the room among the dead and the boy, he asked him in a trembling voice, “Why did you kill her? You loved her.” The boy attacked him and he didn’t even get a chance to draw his sword before the sword went through him. Then the boy whispered in his ear, his voice soft and broken, “I loved her, which is why I killed her myself to spare her any pain you might have caused. Her death will always be on my blood but I am glad that she didn’t suffer.” With that he pulled back his sword and the last of his enemies fell. Then he walked to where the girl lay bleeding, her soul already gone. He went to her, closed her vacant eyes and lifted her to move her away from those scoundrels to the rose garden where they had first met. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he placed her among the roses and then he took his sword and killed himself right there. Before he fell though, he made sure to throw his sword far away from the roses and fell next to the girl. Just before he passed away, he took her hand in his own and placed his other on her cheek.” She stopped then and I waited for a few seconds before asking, “And?”

“And what? That was the end, traveler. Not every story has a happy ending.” She said in a quiet voice.

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