Chapter One - I Accept

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The Return Of The Mockingjay

Chapter One- I Accept

The sunlight creeps in from the window beside my bed, kissing my forehead, summoning me to wake. I have a long day ahead of me. I take longer than usual to get ready. I guess I should try my best to look good, which isn't hard at all with all these new gadgets I have at my disposal. All I have to do is press a few buttons and POOF my hair and makeup are done, my skin is flawless, and my teeth are pearly white.

Since the fall of the Capital, a lot has changed. Technologies, that once before were only available for Capital residents, are now distributed to all 13 other Districts. The Hunger Games have ended, and the arenas demolished. The fate of Panem now lay in the hands of five Council Members rather than one man alone. Not only are all Districts treated equally, but what formally was known as the Capital is now District 0; headquarters of Panem's Army and Councilmen.

My name is Allium Primrose Mellark, Daughter of the original Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen and Major General Peeta Mellark of the Rebellion Army, named after my late Aunt Primrose Everdeen. My father died on my 13th birthday after a group of Capital Activists raided the campsite where he and his soldiers were stationed for the night. My Mother died a year later, not being able to cope with the grief that resulted from the loss of her husband. The star-crossed lovers were no more. They left behind their legacy which happened to include me and my younger brother, Dallion. My brother is a sergeant in the Army and is stationed in District 2. He is the youngest sergeant in all of Panem's military force at the age of 18. No doubt he carries on our parents' legacy well; I on the other hand have done nothing to honor their name. Well, that is, until today. Dallion is on his way home from District 2 to accompany me tonight. I'm so happy he's going to be with me, I need his support to go through with this. Soon enough I hear my brother banging on my door.

"Alli! Alli are you ready yet? Come on we have to be there in 20 minutes, let's get going!" He shouts from outside.

"Just a minute Dal!" I shout back. I look into my jewelry box and take out necklace that was handed down to me by my mother. It held only a single pearl, one my mother held near and dear to her heart. "Okay Dal let's go!" I say as I make my way downstairs.

"Well look at you Miss Mellark, first time I've seen you with a dress on since... well you know."

"Yeah, I thought I should at least try to look nice tonight." I say.

"Well... You tried." He says sarcastically. I push my way past him towards the car.

"Let's just go already, we're going to be late."

Tonight I go to the Council Hall, a large, extravagant mansion where the Council Members and their family stay while they are in office. It Holds 36 rooms, five are individual offices for each Councilmen, one Conference room where the Council make all their decisions, a kitchen and the rest are either bedrooms or bathrooms. Tonight we meet in the Conference room where the Councilmen will appoint me as the new Mockingjay; taking my mother's place. Surly I will never be as good as my mother was, but for her and the sake of my family I will try my best. Honestly I have no idea how it came to this, why I was chosen. Many say I am the perfect mixture of both my mother and father. They say I have my mother's survival skills and determination and my father's good way with words. I think Dallion is a better mixture of the two than I am. I suppose I have some combat and survival skills, but they are undeveloped and not very useful if I were in a middle of a war. My communication skills though are no doubt the best if not the only good skill I have. I can talk my way out of almost any situation; which is probably how I've managed to be so lazy and accomplished nothing these whole 20 years of my life, but the Councilmen see potential in me. Potential that will soon, with a lot of training, grow into the Mockingjay.

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