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"...Pictures I'm living through for now

Trying to remember all the good times

Our life was cutting through so loud

Memories are playing in my dull mind..."

Such a beautiful melody, how can you not stop everything you're doing just to listen to this beautiful voice creating art? Everything, nothing, time didn't pass. The world froze, the image of his brother singing so passionately and playing his piano in his bedroom was the best show Yoongi could ever experience...

..In that moment...

As a drop of blood was running fast from his head to his pale cheek and then neck. He smiled fondly forgetting the pain of the bruises left on his thin body.

"...I hate this part paper hearts

And I'll hold a piece of yours

Don't think I would just forget about it"

Jungkook ended on a low note. He noticed Yoongi on the doorstep looking at him. He looked like he had been hit by a train or something. His grey hoodie was definitely too big for him and had blood all over it, his tight ripped jeans showed old and fresh bruises on his skinny legs.

 His grey hoodie was definitely too big for him and had blood all over it, his tight ripped jeans showed old and fresh bruises on his skinny legs

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"HYUNG!" yelled Jungkook as he jumped right on his feet and rushed to hug Yoongi. "This time she messed you up too bad," sighed Jungkook who took Yoongi by his arm and gently made him sit on his bed. He was worried but not surprised.

Their mother hated her eldest son. He would always come back home drunk and smelling like marijuana. He wasn't the best at school, in fact, he was the worst. He preferred to skip school to spend his time alone somewhere in the city than being bullied by his classmates or abused by his teachers. He would always get in trouble for doing crazy things and he often got arrested so, therefore, she was often bothered by the police and other angry people who Yoongi had done something to.

She never tried to understand him, she didn't have time for that. Everything she could do to "make him stop and take the right way again" was to beat him up so he could understand the lesson. She worked really hard but their sons knew it was for the sake of the family's economy.

Their mother worked every day, two different jobs, day and night, day and night. She was stressed, almost crazy and she would always "calm down" after beating Yoongi up with every possible tool. She felt like it was the right thing to do so that Yoongi could grow to be a better person. Or it was just because she enjoyed torturing the poor little boy.

She treated her sons in very different ways: she was really proud of Jungkook; he was, in her opinion, the good role model of the family, he studied hard and wanted to be good in school, he had many passions that took a great part of his free time, he liked music, in particular, and was always proud of himself. Then, Yoongi. He offended her deep in her heart, he moved something inside of her... a feeling of rage. He was the eldest son, he had to take the father's place, in her opinion, but he was just useless, a shame to the family. She was used to beating him up whenever she had time, it calmed her down, apparently. 

"You're safe now!" whispered Jungkook while closing the door of his room, as if he was worried of hurting him with his voice if it was too loud. "Mom left. Don't worry, you're with me now!" he said making his brother relax on the bed. He wiped the blood off of his face as Yoongi was staring at him with eyes filled with tears.

"It happened again?" "What? No, no it's nothing. Don't look Tae!" said Jungkook as their little brother opened the door slightly. "Please, let me see! Is he hurt?" asked Taehyung in a worried and curious voice. "I-I'm okay, don't worry! Now go please.." said finally Yoongi trying to sound normal so the little boy wouldn't feel bad for him too. Tae let out a low and defeated "okay" and let a piece of paper painted in various colors drop on the floor as he closed the door.

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