Chapter 24 - One Terrible Feeling

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This chapter is late and short due to events IRL.
I hope you understand. I want the best for anyone reading this book. So... remember. You are loved. I'm sorry for so many emotional ANs recently. I've been going through a hard time and it just helps. Again, I love all of you. Stay determined.

Horror POV

"Is he alright?" I asked.
"Heck if I know. I'm a murderer, not a doctor." Killer shrugged. I sighed. "Where's Dust when you need him?" He mused.
"He's not a doctor either."
"He's close enough. He's decapitated so many people he knows the insides well enough."
"Cross is a skeleton. And you decapitate more people."
"People have skeletons. And I don't look at their bodies like Dust does. That's gross. Respect the dead."
"You killed them."
"Fair point."
I looked back at Cross. He was sprawled out on the sofa, head dropping over the edge of the sofa, blood leaking from his mouth into a bucket Killer had placed there in order to protect the furniture he hadn't smashed to pieces. He also threw a blanket on him and cleaned the tear tracks off of his face, unsure what else to do. I heard the front door open, and Killer and I exchanged a glance, before dashing to the door.
"Hey, H!" I hugged my lover, before kissing him lightly. I remembered our visitor, and sighed. Dust noticed this and looked up at me.
"What's up?"
"We have a situation..."
"It's better to show you...."
I lead Dust into the next room. He took one look at Cross. His eyes widened in shock.
"Oh god... what happened?"
"I don't know. He showed up and collapsed."
Dust placed his hand on Cross' forehead. Jealousy stabbed my soul, though I knew it was only a medical procedure. Dust paled almost immediately. "He's burning up. He needs water, and tell Killz to call a healer." He turned to me, smiling slightly. "Love you,"
I blushed and smiled. I dashed into the other room. Nightmare and Killer were kissing passionately. I raised an eyebrow as they separated. Killer looked at me murderously. "Shut up."
"Only if you call a healer."
"That's fair." Killer ran into the other room.
I filled a bowl up with water and grabbed a towel to soak in it and placed it on Cross' forehead when back in Cross' temporary room. Dust held the remaining water up to Cross' lips, tipping the bowl gently. After a minute, he stepped away, satisfied. He sighed.

~Time Skip brought to you by Killer's 'respect for the dead'~

"Hey Horror?" We were sat in the kitchen. The healer was tending to Cross.
"C-Can I take you somewhere tonight?" I tried not to laugh at his nervousness.
"Sure!" I squeezed his hand tightly. He smiled, relieved.
I looked into his eyes, which were shining. I rested my forehead ((Do skeletons have foreheads?)) on his, closing my eyes. He put an arm around my back and kissed my agonisingly lightly. I groaned, and he laughed. I snuck a hand round his skull and pulled him into a deep kiss. Despite my happiness and love, one emotion lay beneath. Small, but there.


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