Everyone was in the kitchen cooking Christmas dinner while you sat there and watched in the corner.

The aroma of the food intoxicated your nose and fill your lungs, your stomach groans in response yearning for a taste.

' I'm starving ' you thought. Licking your lips when Robin pulled out the green bean casserole from the oven. Setting it to the side to cool off.

You thought you were going to pass out from the lack of food but a knock at the door took your mind off of dinner. You got up and barked a few times alerting Shanks that someone was here, he set down the turkey baster and shuffled to the door, with you hoping behind him.

Your Paws were scratching and the door vigorously trying to help shanks get the people out of the cold. Shanks thought it was so cute and picked you up and cradled you in his arm. As the other unlocked and turned the doorknob.

The wooden door flew open with a group of people that you have never seen before carrying trays and pots of food and bottles filled with strange liquid you have never seen before.

" Merry Christmas shanks! " a woman from the group beamed, smiling so bright that you thought the sun would shun away embarrassed.

When entering the housed her gaze fell upon you in Shanks' arms and squealed excitedly and snatched you from shanks earning a whine from the man.

" Oh my gosh what's your name you little cutie" she shoved a tray into his hands and strolled away, leaving shanks to carry everyone's dishes when they forced them on him. He struggled to shut the door with a mountain of food but used his foot in the end.

When you entered the kitchen everybody had just finished setting the table.

" Oh, I was about to call and tell you to come on over " Robin walked out of the dining room and stood next to the girl.

' so these people were supposed to come here?' You tilt your head to the side and think. The woman noticed and giggled softly " I suppose we got here faster than we realized "

Putting you down carefully her and Robin engaged in a conversation so you ran into the dining room looking for a place to sit.

Eyeing the spot on kids lap you dart over and climb on the wooden bar connected to the chairs legs then paw at his thigh. He looked down at you and frowned " What do you want shrimp?" Kid spoke harshly towards you.

Ignoring the insult you managed to shimmy on his lap and stand on your hind legs your paws resting on the table.

" Are you hungry ___- ya? " Law asked as he pulled out the chair next to the kid and sat down earning a glare from the said redhead.

" Yes!" You barked and licked your lips.

Law chuckled " Yeah we all are but we have to wait for Shanks-ya and the guests to arrive, unfortunately. " He sighed and leaned against the arm of the chair.

You whined and fold your ears down, slumping back on kids lap. Normal dogs are so lucky. They could eat anytime they want, all they had to do is rip at their bag of dog food and eat whatever spilled out. But you couldn't do that.

Earlier today they wondered what type of dog you were so they asked Robin and Nami about you. At first, they were shocked when they said you were a wolf pup. Wondering how a wolf pup was mistaken for a regular puppy and somehow ended up in the pound.

They decided to brush it off and each of them looked off some information on wolves. Like how they eat, slept, their behavior, height, age, and specifically what food they mainly eat.

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