Flirty Raph x shy reader

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(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was sitting in the dojo meditating when Raph came in to train but as he walked by he stoped in front of me and wisped "ya know that ass of yours is gonna wair out if ya keep meditating with Lamanardo although i know i can bonce a quarter off it." and then he walked away over to the punching bag "i-i-i w-w-wa?" i said to my self blushing like crazy

*Flash back*

i was walking through the lair talking to Donnie about my sience fair project when i felt something smoth and round hit my butt so i turnd around only to see raph leveng rather quicly "(Y/n) are you listening?" Donnie asked "hu ... yeah s-sorry." i said rather quicly "(Y/n) are you ok your all red, wait are you sick!?!" Donnie asked

*End of Flash back*

"t-t-that was y-y-you?!?" i shriked rather loud and high piched "yep" he said in my ear and then left.

Raph's P.O.V

*Flash back*

(Y/n) was walking by her (h/l) (h/c) up in a (h/s) (hair styal) and her butt swaying 'god why me of all turtles do i have to be told i cant tap that' i thought as i fliped a qurter 'wait i got an idea' i thought as i flicked the qurter at her but 'BULL'S EYE, WAIT ITS COMING STRAIT BACK AT M-' i was brought out of my thoughts by it hitting me in the head and then she turned around blushing like crazy so i quicly left

*end of flash back*

time skip

i was righting a note for (Y/n) because i couldent talk to her without studering so i davcieded to right her a love note

'Dear (Y/n),

i know im not the nicest guy but i was wondering if you would be my girl?


YES   maybe  no

- Raph'

and then i folded it and through it at her and left

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was hit in the head with something 'its A note?' as i red it (pun intentended) i started to blush a deep crimsen then i pulled out a (F/c) pen and cicaled YES and walked to raphs room and sliped it under his door 5 seconds later he through the door opend and pulled me into a ruff but pationet kiss that i gladly raterend "i love you (Y/n)." he wisped in my hair " i-i-i l-l-ove y-y-yout-t-to R-R-Raph" i said putting my head on his plastrum


This was a raquest from @Alwa2005 i hope you like it girl!!!

sorry for the late update but i was grounded by my dad and now im back!!!!

by love's ~Marcellus

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