Chapter 1- Mom's confession

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Ok Freeze the Popsicle!! Did I Just Fall In Love With My Grandma's Boyfriend"s Son (Oh cheese I did)

Chapter 1- Mom's confession

I am so mad right now; I can't even explain how mad I am.

Why does she keep doing this to me?

I never get my way ugh.

She makes me feel like a 5 year old.

Why can’t I just stand up to her?

It’s not like I can’t it’s just that I won’t because she would get mad and then I would feel really bad.

Why does she have to be an awesome mom all the time and then just change randomly?

*****************30 minutes ago***************

I just got back from the last day of school and it made me sad that I was leaving my friends. I hoped that I could see them during the summer, but I doubt I would be able to. I really wanted to go see my grandma. Wanting to see her trumped my friends to the point where I already packed, so I could leave at anytime. And if I didn't go I still wasn't sure if I would have been able to see my friends, because I'm always watching my brothers. I love my brothers to death, but I wish I didn't have to watch them all the time. Then again they are my safety net. I don't know what I would if I didn't have them around even if  they drove me crazy.

My thoughts were interrupted by my mother yelling, "RENEE GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, RIGHT THIS MINUTE."

Oh crap what did I do this time? I hate it when she yells at me. I have never  liked her being mad at me so I've never tried to intentionally do something that I know she wouldn't approve of."

Yes ma'am" I said as I walked down the stairs.

"What are these suitcases doing here? You're not trying to run away again? Because I will call the cops to drag your ass back here. Again.," she said with her hands on her hips and her feet tapping waiting for me to answer.

"No mommy I am not trying to run away and by the way that shit was so embarrassing, being put into the back of a cop car in front of all my friends."

"Well you're the dumb ass who tried to run away. And did I not tell you before that I would call the cops on your ass if you tried to run away?"

"Yea you did tell me that and I have told you plenty of times I was sorry for running away."

"And you better be sorry. So why are your suitcases out here and why do you have so many?"

"Well I kinda wanted to go to visit grandma for the summer and wanted to be ready when I got permission to go."

"Oh ok well did you call her and ask if it was ok with her?" She said looking at me with sadness in her eyes. Wait Freeze the Popsicle why is she sad?

"Yes of course I did and she said I could if it was alright with you." I said trying to make sure what I was seeing in her eyes was real or just my imagination.

"Oh yea then I guess its ok with me," she said trying to sound happy about it but I knew her better than that.

"Mommy what's wrong?" I asked as she gave me a look saying what are you talking about which made me laugh.

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