We Need To Talk

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Lucy Heartfilia
I woke up, only to feel a cold metal around my wrist. I'm handcuffed to Natsu's bed...just great! They are going on to keep a closer eye on me, so trying to leave is out if the question..... well I could probably figure out a way. I'm smarter than them, just saying.

I hear a door open. Nastu walks in with food. "Hungry? You missed breakfast...and lunch..." Was I really out that long?

I was tempted to say no, but hunger struck. He brought a plate with a potato and steak. Unfortunately I'm vegetarian...but there is no way for him to know that. I just don't like the idea of eating something that was once alive.

"You're vegan, huh. If I go get some other food, will you stay here?"

"I'm kind of stuck here." I surprisingly say with a lot of sass. He chuckles at my attitude and leaves. I roll my eyes as he closes the door. Why am I suddenly carefree? Is it because the reality of being stuck here forever has finally sunk in? Probably.

I look at my handcuff. There is a key on the other side of his king size bed. Talking logically, there is no way in hell for me to reach it unless I dislocated my shoulder. Even if I could grab it, he would be back before I could even leave the room. Also, I WOULD HAVE A DISLOCATED SHOULDER!

Natsu eventually comes back. He has vegetable soup and a few veagn crackers, and the potato. He also has his food, which is a large steak and broccoli. "Dig in!" He shovels his food into his mouth. Such a pig... he reminds me of my sister.......

"So tell me, how can you do the things you can?" I look at him. I believe that just yesterday I said that I just could, but he wants something more concrete.

"According to my doctors, during my development in the womb, I was born with certain unknown chemicals that are found typically in drugs that stimulate brain activity. While my mother wasn't on drugs during her pregnancy, it was suspected that she may have been exposed to said chemicals. That's the best guess we've got..." I lie. I really have no clue, so I just make crap up. I just brush it off as 'natural abilities' for my own sake.

"Interesting. Anyway, Makarov and my dad need to talk to you. 3pm, so in 30 minuets. We also got you somr new clothes. They're in the top drawer of my dresser." Why would they need to talk to me? I answered a lot of their questions two days ago....... I mean, what else is there to talk about?

Natsu leaves for me to get dressed, reluctantly I might add. Ether he doesn't want me to escape or he is a pervert. Probably both...•///•

I look through the clothes, it appears that most of them won't fit...except one outfit... Black heavily ripped jeans and a tan tank top. I put my hair in a high messy ponytail. I look good enough, even though it's not my usual style.

 I look good enough, even though it's not my usual style

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I knocked on the door signaling for Natsu to come in. He is stunned when he opens the door. I don't think I look that good... but then again I have self esteem issues. I mean you would too if your family and life was a mess.

He takes me to the elevator, holding my hands so I don't try to run...I think that any attempt would be futile at this point.

Natsu brings me to the same room as before. Instead of the four of them, there is five of them. Natsu's brother. He creates a stressful vibe, compared to the others. I'm honestly just over the original 4 men.

"What's my name?" Natsu's brother asked. I mean, really? There are other questions to ask.

"...Zeref Dragneel..." He is shocked, just like everyone else was.

"Take a seat." Makarov says. Natsu takes me to the same couch that I sat on two days ago.

"Now Lucy. You know that we can not let you leave, we have a request. We would like you to work with us. Your skills are unbeatable and would be a huge help." I don't want to work with these criminals! They must have lost their minds!

"......no......" I whisper. I suddenly become very scared. Zeref is giving a bad arua. Why do these guys get violent whenever things don't go their way?! First Natsu at school, then Igneel when I said his name, and now Zeref when I said no! There must be a family thing where these buttholes feel like they are entitled to every little thing! Ugh!

"You stupid girl! Do you not understand what an honor it is?! You should be begging to be apart of our group!" Gildarts and Igneel have to remove Zeref from the room. I am shaking in fear from his sudden outburst. Well maybe a mix of fear and the urge to give them a one-way ticket to Timbuktu.

"Hey Luce. We could really use your help. I know that you need sometime to think about it, so I will give you time. Okay?" Natsu talks quietly and carefully. What I say is final, I just have to get that through their thick skulls.

"...I...said...NO!" I accidentally yell. I don't need time to think about this! These people are criminals and murderers! I want nothing to do with that crap!

"I'll take you back to my room. You can rest and relax without us bothering you." He picked me up bridal style, ignoring the fact that I can walk perfectly fine, and carried me to his room again. He left me in his room. Alone.

Natsu Dragneel
As soon as I left Lucy, Gildarts came up to me. "Natsu there is something you need to see." He sounded serious for once.

I was back at the meeting room and the flatscreen tv was on. The news had a headline of a missing girl, Lucy, and suspected kiddnaper, me. There was a traffic video of the grand chase that happend yesterday. Just great. That was a few hours ago, and it's just now being reported?!

To top it all off, there was a video of Lucy's friends and family crying about how much they missed her. I felt guilty.

Makarov turned off the tv. "The whole country will be looking for her. She got out once, no saying that she wouldn't do it again." Gramps had a point.

"What do you suggest we do?" Everyone thought about it. Well, everyone but me. I couldn't ignore the guilt. Lucy had a life, and now she is here.

"I can call my friends in the government and have them tamper the video and make up a story. Same goes for the police." Dad simply stated.

"What do we do about Natsu's face being out there?" No one answered. Great. Just great.

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