Chapter 6!!!

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I woke up in the morning with my head laying on Dave's lap. I yawned and looked up at him. "M-Morming, Dave....." I mumbled. He yawned. "Mornin', John. How'd you sleep?" I yawned in response. "Good........ you?" I asked sleepily drifting in and out of sleep. "Good. Why don't you go back to sleep and I'll go make breakfast." I whimpered. "No." "Why your obviously tired as shit?" "You are leaving meeeeeeeee!" I whined. He chuckled and picked me up and put me on his hip walking to the kitchen, making breakfast.


I woke up in the morning and whimpered. "Come on, English muffin. It's breakfast time." Dirk said quietly and pet my hair. I muzzled his chest in protest. "Nuh uh.... I'm warm." I mummered. He chuckled as I listened to him breathe. He picked me up and put a huge hoodie on me. It was over 6 sizes to big for me. It hung to almost my knees and covered my ass. Dirk picked me up. "Still warm, Short stuff?" He chuckled and kissed my forehead, my face turned a dark red and I hid my face behind the sleeves, embarrassed and flustered. He smirked and walked downstairs. We sat in the living room. I was gonna move out of his lap but he wrapped his arms around my waist protectively, and muzzled my neck. I smiled and hummed happily. Dave gave us some food and we started to eat it happily. When we finished we turned on the movie, Taken 3. I liked the movie and curled up in a blanket in Dirk's lap. I yawned and started to fall asleep getting a chuckle from Dirk. I smiled at him, sleepily. I fell asleep into a deep sleep, nuzzling him happily.


I smiled when he fell asleep and kissed his forehead again. I set him on the couch letting him sleep with a whimper coming from him. I kissed his forehead and he calmed down. I got up and he fell back asleep again. I went to my room and sketched a drawing of Jake and I, colored them in with colored pencils. I colored for awhile until dinner time and John came in giving me a bunch of cookie dough. I ate some of the cookie dough and went to wake up Jake. "Come on, muffin. It's Dinner time you've slept all day."  He whined while picking him up. He whimpered and growled at me for pulling the covers over him. I pulled them off picking him up. He growled at me and bit my shoulder. I yelped and smacked his thigh. He squeaked. "Ouch! Jake Helen English!" I squeaked out. He licked over it, apologetically. "Sorry, Dirk...." He mumbled into my neck. "Your fine." I said ,and rubbed his back. He whimpered. I set him down at the table. He sat down and played with his sleeves. I kissed his forehead and ruffled his hair. "Your fine." He whimpered and picked at his pizza. "Eat." I said simply. He started to eat his food. I walked into the kitchen seeing a bite mark on Dave's neck. "Don't wake the raven haired kids, apparently." Dave sighed. I showed him my shoulder. "Damn." Dave mumbled. "Ya." I smiled. "They're such dorks." I walked into the dining room and kissed Jake's forehead again. His face turned a darker red. "Honey, your fine. I'm alright. Okay?" He whimpered. "O-Okay.. I-I'm s-s-sorry...."
He said as I picked him up again, and kissed his forehead, calmingly. "Your fiinnneeee you little fluff ball of adorableness." I chuckled.


I smiled at John as he ate the cookie dough. I took it away when he started to get really hyper. He whimpered and reached for it. "Davvvvveeeeeeeeeee!!!" He whined. I kissed his nose. "No can do, shorty. Your hyper." I said eating some of it, smirking. I ate a lot of it, really hyper now. We both ran around the house getting picked up by Dirk and Jake. I squirmed in Dirk's arms. "How much cookie dough did you have, David?" I giggled. "Only like. . . . Half!" I squeaked happily. Dirk sighed. "Oh lord... Your supposed to go to mom's today." I continued to squirm running around the house after getting out of his arms. Mom came in a picked John and I up. "Hello! Aren't you two hyper?" She chuckled kissing our foreheads. We smiled widely as she took us to her house qew Dirk and Jake to hang out with the girls. I was jumpy and hyper. I couldn't calm down so I jumped in my seat. John was doing the same. We got to the house and smiled widely. "Calm down children." Mom chuckled.

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