6. Treasure what you have

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Chapter 6

Treasure what you have

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, A Psalm Of Life


Kaya burst inside the living room, and leant against the door frame dramatically. Dad and I shared a bewildered look when she suddenly shrieked gleefully, looking all flustered. She skipped towards us and conveniently plopped between us on the couch, "Oh my god Evie, he is so hot. I can't believe I never noticed it before," she gushed and smacked my leg in the process.

I gave her the stink eye but Kaya, being Kaya, was oblivious. I turned to face her fully and asked slowly, "What are you talking about, K?"

I bristled when she turned to my dad completely ignoring me. "He said he'll drop by some other time, Eric. He was a bit too hot." she told my dad. My mouth dropped open. Then, she picked a glass from the table, gulped down the remaining wine and smiled wide.

Dad scoffed, and rolled his eyes taking a sip of his drink.

Wait. What?

Before I could say something, mom piped in as she appeared from the kitchen. "Who's so hot, sweetie?"

She set a plate of heavenly smelling cookies on the table. Chocolate chips, my favourite.

Kaya smiled wide, reaching for one as the most cringe-worthy words tumbled out of her mouth, "Adam felt really very hot today."

Felt? Hot?

I smacked her hand before she touched the cookie, taking it myself, "K, do you even know what you're saying?"

As I said that, the skies opened up and rain pattered on the concrete outside. I trembled as I looked out of the window. It was suddenly pouring so hard, you couldn't see anything. Kaya snatched the cookie from my hand, startling me, "I called dibs first!" she took a bite. "And... I mean Adam's skin felt hot to my touch, Evie. It's not rocket science, you know?" she smirked, raising one eyebrow.

Those words came out of her mouth so easily that I gaped at her like a fish out of water. I watched her eat, and felt my stomach lurching. Was I the one who was drunk? I wondered if I should I make a run for the bathroom or just puke all over her? Her filthy head seemed like a better option at the moment.

Before I could decide, I heard mom's soft voice and turned to her seeking some comfort, "Evie honey, are you okay? You look a little... green."

"Huh?" I croaked out, frowning when her eyes glinted with amusement rather than concern. Then my mother turned to my friend and winked, "Was he alright, Kaya? He didn't feel too hot, right?"

My mouth fell open when those words came out stealthily from my mother's mouth. My head started spinning and I knew I had to get away from these creepy people. They weren't my family. It was a nightmare.

The sky thundered and I jumped to my feet, accidentally knocking my knees on the glass table. The world seemed to have stilled in that moment. I watched stunned as the plate clattered, and the cookies rolled over slowly and then sat in place. Not one fell out. It was a miracle. My heart thumped in my ears.

Adam's voice rang in my ear, in that British accent he liked to fake, 'Laugh all you want, Ev, but it's true, I am an artist. When I slip on the floor, I can make it look like a dance move. When I spill something, I end up making modern art. When I break something, the broken pieces mostly turn into masterpieces. Let's just call them happy accidents from now on.'

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