The dew that I am

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"I hate thee,
As thee dares play with a heart made of glass,
Don't thee care if it breaks?
Don't thee care if I am broken to a million pieces?
But somehow, I am addicted,
To thine game of romance."

Look me in the eye as I speak,
I dare you to understand this.
If thee dares to pull the gun,
Thee must not hesitate to pull the trigger,
And put a bullet betwixt mine eyes.
But since thee dares to go,
As far as the gun holds,
And not let one cold steel leave it's barrel,
Then I say,thine love is so strange.

Thine eyes are full of tears,
I notice it as it falls down thy cheeks,
I know this as I have fallen all over thine feet.

I know I seem cold as that cruel winter old,
But this heart shall die,
If it is given warmth.

I know I have been acting rude,
I know I have made you confused,
But hear me, for I am speaking the truth.
I don't do this for I like it,
I don't do this to play with thine heart,
I have to keep my distance,
Because I know eternity shall always do us apart,
I cannot vow thee eternal love as others do,
For I am like the morning dew,
And when the sun comes up I have to leave,
For my place was never here,
My place is never anywhere.
I may shine as beautiful as a diamond,
But my shine is always lost,in the air,
As I shall no longer be here.

But remember me my love,
Listen closely to this as I hear thy sob.
I am not thy man you dare to dream,
I am a man with a true calling,
But as a leaf who keeps the dew afloat,
From that dreary mud of death,
You have kept me lifted till date,
I have no reason to doubt you my love
It's just that,
I can never stay by thee side,
No matter how much love I have for thee,
No matter how much love thou hast for me,
I have to go as the cruel faith calls,
Into another life somewhere far of.

The Dead Revolutionary

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