Chapter One

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Question: what does the the town screw up do on a nice Saturday afternoon? Answer: she spends the day in the junkyard. Since, I've been expelled, the junkyard became the place where I allow my teenager angst to truly rage out. In other words, instead of "wasting my potential" in the hallways of Blackwell, I'm learning how to properly avoid inhaling spray paint fumes without passing out. I'm joking, unfortunately, Rachel won't let me graduate from markers. She says that we already damaged the environment enough for one lifetime. I was about to point out that I didn't damage anything yet but she gave me her "I've just been stabbed" look.
"Hey Price!" I jumped up, dropping my cigarette.
"F*ck!" I put it out. "What is it?" I turned around and, to my surprise, came face-to-face with everyone's favorite drug dealer. "Looking better already, Frank."
"F*ck you too. Anyway, is Rachel here?"
"No." I folded my arms. What the f*ck did he want with her?
"Good." He handed me piece of paper.
"What's this?" I skimmed over the names; they were all Blackwell students. Can't say I'm surprised though.
"A list of errands you're going to run for me."
"And why would I help you?"
"For starters, you still owe me." I rolled my eyes, you'd think after everything that went down he'd let that go. "And if it weren't for me you and your friend would've bled out right where you're standing." I hate to admit it but the guy had a point.
"Alright." I leaned on the hood of my truck. "What exactly do you want me to do this time?"
"A few of your classmates owe me money for the drugs they bought from me. I can't go and get it myself so that's where you come in." I eyed him cautiously. His expression softened when he noticed that. "It won't be like last time." He reassured.
"Still one problem though." His eyes narrowed, signaling for me to continue. "I've been expelled."
"If I get caught on school grounds, I'll get thrown out." I elaborated.
"Then don't get caught."
"It's not that easy, Frank."
"For f*ck's sake, Chloe, all you have to do is talk to a few students." He grunted, adjusting his shoulder.
"Fine, I'll do it." I put the paper in my pocket. "But after I do this, I won't owe you sh*t."

Even though it was the weekend, Blackwell was still filled to the brim with snobby hipsters. I guess elitists aren't for socializing with the rest of us commoners. I took out the paper and looked over the list of names:
-Hayden Jones
-Justin Williams (no surprise there)
-Logan Robertson
-Zack Riggins
-Taylor Christensen
-Victoria Chase

I was honestly surprised by some of the names but hey, who I'm I to judge, right? "So where to start?" I stretched my arms.
"Chloe, over here!"
"Hmm?" I smiled when I caught sight of Mikey and Steph and walked over to them.
"What's up?" I sat next to Mikey, a tabletop game spread out on the table (as always).
"I'm doing another quest, wanna join in?" Mikey asked.
"Unfortunately, I can't. I'm here on official business."
"What kind of business?" Steph asked, suspiciously.
"Trust me, it's better if you don't know."
"I'll take your word for it. So how's Rachel?"
"Better." I glance over at Mikey, he seemed to be enjoying himself despite the cast. "How's the arm?"
"Not as bad as you'd think." He shrugged.
"Anyway, have you guys seen Justin or Hayden around?"
"I'm not sure about Hayden, but I saw Justin and Trevor over in the parking lot."

Justin look different today, he actually looks like he's not high. He noticed pretty quickly and I gestured for him to come over. "You wanna join?" He asked.
"Nah, I'm cool. Actually, Frank sent me."
"Oh. Why?"
"Come on, Justin, you can't be this clueless." I groaned, he just stared at me. "The money." His eyes widened.
"Oh that." He reached in his pocket and handed over the cash as though we were exchanging a phone number. "I was planning on paying him back today anyway. You saved me the trouble of the trip. Thanks." He patted my back and skated away.
"Well, that was surprisingly easy." I headed back to the courtyard. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw Drew. "Hey man, have you seen Zack or Logan?"
"Nice to see you too." He chuckled. "Why do you ask?"
"I'm uh... collecting for Frank." There was no point in lying to him.
"Seriously, Chloe? Didn't last time teach you anything?" He folded his arms.
"You're starting to sound like stepdouche." I rolled my eyes.
"Who? Never mind. Chloe, you shouldn't be doing anything for that jackass. It's not safe."
"I promise to be careful. Now have you seen them or not?"
"They're the locker room, but I don't think-" I didn't let him finish as I was already making my way to the land of testosterone. Logan and Zack were caught off guard by my appearance in their "sacred place" but they managed to cough off the money and didn't hassle me too much. That's pretty much how it went until I reached Victoria.

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