The Great Abyss Of The Unexplored

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What is this feeling deep within me?
Is it loneliness that I am suffering from?
Or is it the lack of love that guides me,
Deep into that abyss of the unexplored.
Is it war that fuels this heart?
Or is it a chance for love,
That keeps it from tearing apart.

Maybe there are no words to describe this emotion,
Maybe it is something new,
But I assure you that it does exist,
For its in turmoil ever since I discovered it.

True love?who know,
Loneliness?who cares,
Perhaps I will never know.

Oh cruel sisters of faith,
Why have thou chosen a new string,
Why did thee decide to make a one piece,
Cut it already,
Let me die,
For I have no idea why,
I dare to exist in between this crumbling mist.

War of ages foretold,
War of live unfolds,
This guilt I carry around,
Can no longer be controlled.

Why have thee shown me the future?
Why have thee shown me the past?
Why couldn't thee let me be?
Until it all comes to pass?

Why do thee warn in every dream of mine?
Why has thee always spoken in my mind?

Will I be the one to cause it?
Or will I be the one to oppose it?
Why me?of all the people oh faith,
What has thou seen inside of me?

My hands are tied with hope,
As rubbles of flame come slowly at me,
Yet thee stand watching as I struggle to escape thine grasp,
It feels you are always smiling,
As you see me use all my measly hands.

Let me go,set me free.
Keep me away from thy company,
Stop whispering in my ear,
But I know I am your dear.

Whispers of prophesy,
Whispers made be the snake,
Whispers of all languages,
Some of them I can never relate.

Deep inside that cold feeling,
I always hear your voice,
I want to let go,
But it seems my hands are joined.

I know you were not there before,
But it seems it's the price I have to pay,
For moving to the abyss of the unexplored.

Webs of spiders surround me in my nightmare,
Webs of spiders I need to remove.
Yet they seem persistent,
In making me their own.

Eyes of darkness look upon me,
They are always staring,
As if I am their meat.
Living in the light is too hard already,
Leaving it shall be harder still,
But I have many places to go,
And many don't allow light,
I know I am not supposed to,
But I shall always explore,
The great abyss of the unexplored.

The Dead Revolutionary

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