Episode 13: Help

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When I pulled Yoongi hyung  to talk to me he gave sass. This was what he always did but it felt different then usual. "How come you didn't tell us? " I asked.

"I barely found out yesterday." he said while rolling his eyes.

"This is great! You could help me get her more!" I said excited, then I saw how upset Yoongi hyung just got. I now realize what I have said.

"Ugggg this is why I didn't want you to come. She's my cousin Jungkook, if I would have known I would have never let you toy with her. End it now! Stop toying with her or maybe actually care for her. She's to soft and she doesn't deserve this. She's not like your other toys Jungkook." he said while nagging at me. He started to walk to the basement again and I follow knowing not to go any further in the conversation. I got down the stairs and saw Tae trying to make a move so quickly sat beside her and let her rest on me. She looked cute when she was sleeping.

What am I thinking?
Why did I get so jealous?

I woke up the next morning next to Jungkook. I felt my cheeks heat up when I felt his arms holding me from around my waist. I tried to escape his grip but he would wake up. He groaned in annoyance when I was moving in his arms—trying to escape his grasp on me. As I kept moving he continued to tightened his grip around my waist. My cheeks continued to flush red as kept holding my from my waist. I turned so I wasn't facing him anymore and saw that I was also next to Taehyung. I poked his cheek and he started to flip around until I poked his cheek again which got his attention. His eyes slowly started to open. "Taehyungie Oppa, help me." I whispered. I didn't want to wake anyone up, but this was a life or death situation. He looked at me confused as he didn't know what to help me with. I moved a little so Jungkook could tighten his grip to show Taehyung what I meant by 'help me'. He signaled a "O" movement with his month to show he knew what I was talking about. He giggled at the fact that Jungkook was holding on to me. I gave him a pouting face and he giggles once more. He then sat up and went upstairs. I followed him with my eyes as I was in shock that he left me. I laid there pouting. In ten minutes he soon came back with a long pillow. He told me that I need to flip over to face Jungkook. After that he told me how he would switch me with the pillow. I nodded and started to do as told. As soon as I flipped to face towards him his grip lessened. Taehyung started to switch me with the pillow and all of the sudden Jungkook swiftly pulled me on top of him. Making me laying on top of his chest.

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