Larry (Harry sick) ~

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After the amazing show in Croke Park the lads had made their way backstage being quickly ushered into a black van to try and beat the crowd and make it back to the hotel. The boys were still hype as they talked loudly amongst themselves about the crazy show.

Nobody had really noticed as Harry quieted down and moved to the corner of the van seat resting his elbow on the window his cheek pressed against the palm of his hand.

He didn't really feel like engaging in the conversation with the boys. It's not like he didn't want to it was that he was feeling tired all of a sudden, he felt a light ache behind his eyes, and the food he had wanted just 10 minutes ago didn't sound very good anymore.

He hadn't realized he had started to doze off until he felt someone move his hair off his face and whisper his name.

Opening his eyes Harry saw Louis was sat next to him while the others continued to talk,"why are you sleeping baby? Are ya tired?" Louis asked softly

Harry had sat up and moved his head to Louis shoulder cuddling up to his side eyes slipping shut once again while he nodded his head. He knew now that he didn't want food anymore cause his stomach was hurting. Was he getting sick?

Louis had wrapped his arm around Harry's back letting him fall asleep knowing it was probably gonna be an early night for the couple. Harry was knackered and he was going to make Louis sleep with him obviously.

As they pulled up to the back of the hotel they were staying at Louis spoke to Harry,"Babe, wake up we've got to get inside" he whispered in his ear bringing Harry out of his sleeping state

Groggily Harry lifted his head from Louis shoulder getting out of the car with a hand on his stomach as a body guard held onto his arms and Louis walked behind him his hand on the small of Harry's back body guards surrounding him too.

Once inside the hotel the screaming had died down a little and Harry's head felt a little better as they walked up to their hotel rooms.

All the guys decided they would share one hotel room with multiple rooms attached. They laughed as they pushed the guards out of the room not allowing them to be in their as they would much rather them be outside their door room.

Harry had retreated to the couch sprawling himself out on it his hand shielding his eyes as he tried to sleep with the noisy boys in the room. Louis noticed and felt like something might be wrong with the poor lad.

Harry had felt someone move his feet and looked up to see Zayn sat on the other end of the couch,"what's up Haz can't hang with your best mates?" He asked

"Shut it Malik" Harry grumbled noticing the now turned on tv which had a footie game on

As Harry silently watched the game and the others had seated themselves around the room Louis sitting under Harry's head which rested in his lap his stomach was starting to feel rather nauseous.

"Hey babe you should eat something. You haven't eaten since before the show" Louis spoke to Harry quietly still feeling like something might be wrong

Harry shook his head but Louis wasn't having it,"Harry just eat this. You need to eat" Louis held some little cut up pieces of fruit in a bowl trying to shove a blueberry into Harry's mouth

"Lou, no. Stop, I don't want it" Harry squirmed pushing Louis hands away from his face as his stomach turned and the food from before the show moved toward his throat making him swallow deeply

"Harry, eat" Louis pressed as the other boys chuckled at the little scandal that was going on in front of them

"Louis stop" Harry scolded standing to his feet retreating to his and Louis room ignoring Louis protests to come back

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