In The Midnight Hour..

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'WHAT?' Ruby shouted as I told her the news. She had a huge smile plastered on her face. 'Black Veil Brides, the band, are coming here? To your house? This house?'

I giggled. 'Yes, yes and yes. Andy asked the band and apparently they would love to. He also told them that you would be here as I may have let it slip that you think Ashley is a sex god', I stifled another giggle. On our date, I had told Andy alot of things. When I told him about Ruby and her little obsession, he just smiled and had a look of determination in his eyes. Apparently that determination was to get the two to meet eachother.

'No fucking way! Im not quite sure how I feel about that. If Ashley thinks Im a creepy fangirl, then Im gonna hit you in the arm, if we hit it off then I will owe you for life', she smiled. She gave the most innocent smiles ever, but she was far from innocent.

'Fine, whatever', I said, smiling. 'Now c'mon, I want to tidy the house and get ready for the guys, and you, my friend, are helping'.

Ruby sighed but started to gather up the few old magazines and Dorito packets around my living room. 'Thank you!', I shouted as she headed for the bins.


We soon found ourselves in my bedroom, checking out our reflections in my mirror. The house was clean and our clothes were chosen and on our bodies. Since it was nearly 8pm, we had decided to go for a more indoors casual look with less eyeliner. It had been a warm day and it seemed like it was going to be a warm night, too. So I had chosen to wear my black denim shorts- Ruby said I was teasing Andy by showing off my long legs- and a button down black and grey flannel shirt. I rolled the sleeves up to my elbow and put my bracelets back on. I gotta say, my chosen shirt looked awesome. The material clung to my sides giving the effect of curves and it even made my boobs look bigger- I didnt really need them to look bigger, Im already a DD, but it was nice all the same. My hair was tied into a high ponytail with my black fringe hanging dow my face. I never really wore my hair like this because of the bleached tips, but Ruby said it looked cool and I trust her judgment.

Ruby looked fucking hot! She always stashed some clothes at my place, because lets face it she lived here more than her own house. She had a white tank top with 'Ramones' written on the front which use to have a circular neckline but at one point she discovered my scissors and had demolished the poor thing. It was now a very low cut tank top which showed alot of her size E chest and clevage. 'If you have the boobs, show them', she had said to me. The top was awesome though, not only did it show off her chest but it also showed off her clear pale skin. Her arms were toned and smooth, her neck long. Ashely was totaly gonna drool over her tonight. She had also chosen to wear her short, gothic 'Hello Kitty' skirt. It was so cute.

We both applied a small amount of foundation, just enough to cover some shinyness, and decided to just wear a tiny strand of black eyeliner. A simple flick above the eye and some along the water line.

Just as we finished applying our makeup, the doorbell rang.

Our eyes flickered towards my bedroom door. Why? Who knows. After a quick glance at eachother and a final check of the mirror we sprinted for the door. Our bodies collied as we threw ourselves down the stairs and to the door.

'OW'. In our haste to answer the door, my head had collied with the wood.

Ruby giggled at me and opened the door.

I rubbed the sore spot of my head. Brilliant, there was going to be a big red patch on my forehead.

'Hey guys!', I said as they came into view.

I think Ruby was a little stunned, she just stood there looking at each band member in term until her gaze finaly fell on the sexy bass player.

'Hey', Andy said smiling at me. He hardly had any makeup on, just some eyeliner along his water line. His skinny jeans looked less skinny and more comftorable and he wore a button down flannel shirt just like me. Only he looked way sexier and hadnt rolled the sleeves up. 'Are you okay? I heard a little bang...'

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