Singing Voices in Different Languages

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I used a website to pick the languages, this is what I got.

America: Korean- MOVE by TAEMIN

England: Swedish- that one guy that sang Two Worlds for the Swedish dub because I don't know any Swedish songs other than Dancing Queen.

France: Spanish- Dejarte de amar by Camila but I'm obviously talking about Mario Domm here.

Canada: German- Rette Mich by Tokio Hotel (I'm obsessed with this guy's voice-)

Russia: Icelandic- Brestir by Arstidir

China: Estonian- Me Kõik Jääme Vamaks by Getter Jaani

Germany: Italian- Baciano le donne by Tiziano Ferro

Italy: Spanish- Crimen by Gustavo Cerati

Japan: Chinese- I really don't know, sorry Kiku

Prussia: Japanese- His voice actor, duh

Spain: Greek- Ola I Tipota by Mixalis Xatzigiannis

Romano: Polish- Jak Anioła Glos by Feel

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