3. They call me cry baby

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The cop takes another step into the room and closes the door behind him. Sargent Essen stands up from her desk and shoves me behind her as she grabs her gun from her gun holder on the side of her waist and points it at the cop.

What the hell is going on here?

"Hi ya Sarge, miss me?" The cop smirks evilly.

At this point I realized that that wasn't a cop.

The ginger haired boy takes off the officer's hat and threw it across the room. The boy has brown eyes, bright ginger hair, and a freaky smile and smirk. He can't possibly be older than eightteen.

"How did you get in here?" Sargent Essen spits.

"It's not exactly hard when you leave uniforms in the dry cleaners now is it?" The boy speaks.

Sargent Essen just glares at him and hold her gun tighter.

"Fine!" The boy sighs dramatically. "A few cops may not be coming home for dinner."

A small gasp leaves Sargent Essen.

"You're sick." She snaps.

"Sorry Sarge but I'm feeling pretty good right now, maybe it's you that's under the weather." He smirks.

His eyes find themselves trail down to mine. His towering shadow fills my eyes with horror as he grins wider.

"Now who is thi-" he starts to take a step forward.

"Stay away from her Jerome." Sargent Essen demands and takes a step forward towards him.

Jerome raises his hands and just continues to look at me.

"Well? Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Jerome asks me.

I shake my head and begin to hide myself behind Sargent Essen.

"Aw! She's shy!" Jerome gushes.

"Let her leave Jerome. She doesn't have to do with any of this."  Sargent Essen tries.

"Sorry sweet cheeks but I think she's safer in here actually." Jerome says and opens the door a crack and all of a sudden blood hurling screams are heard.

The look on mine and Sargent Essen's face says it all. He's not alone.

"Boys!" Jerome calls while still looking at us. "Time for the main event!"

Three hefty looking men enter the office and grab Sargent Essen. She starts to struggle as they bring her out of the office and onto the high platform outside.

Jerome smirks at the sight of that before turning back to me. A small gasp leave my lips as he takes a step towards me.

"I haven't seen you in Gotham before." He checks while looking at me up and down.

I look around me quickly, looking for anything to save myself with. My eyes finally settle on the letter opener on Sargent Essen's desk. His eyes more to it too but I'm to quick. I grab it faster than he can move and move back quickly, holding it up to defend myself.

"Come on now darling," Jerome smiles watching me hold the letter opener. The next thing is a blur. Jerome, with the speed of light on his side, pushes me up against the bookshelf behind me, and now has the letter opener in his hand, and up to my neck. "You didn't think you could do anything did you?"

I don't want live here. I don't wanna be in this situation. Twenty four hours ago I was in my apartment building crying for my mom. Now I'm staring into the eyes of a murderer waiting for him to kill me.

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