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"Nope," the girl breathed, following him to the trunk of the car, where Steve was pulling out the baseball bat impaled with giant nails -- the one he had used the previous year. It brought back painful memories to Stella, so she averted her eyes to Dustin's house, which once looked comforting, but now appeared menacing since she found out what had happened there only the night before. 

Steve picked up a flashlight and shut the trunk door, locking it and sighing deeply. "Okay, kid. Where's the monster?"

"This way," Dustin turned and began walking behind the house, where they came across two doors leading to the underground cellar. Stella hesitantly followed them, but made sure not to stray too far behind in fear of seeing something she didn't want to see. 

Steve took the lead after Dustin gestured to the metal doors, and Stella stepped up beside the curly-haired youngster, her grip on the mallet tight and fearful. She watched as Steve approached the doors, listening carefully. "I don't hear shit."

"He's in there," Dustin stood his ground, and Steve screwed his nose up, before glancing back at the doors and reluctantly banging against the metal with his bat. When there was no answer, he threw his weapon down again and hit the doors much louder, nearly making Stella jump. Steve was clearly growing irritated, and lifted the flashlight so that it shone in Dustin's eyes. "All right, listen, kid. I swear, if this is some sort of Halloween prank, you're dead."

Stella cleared her throat warningly, but went ignored. 

"It's not," Dustin huffed, though when Steve raised his eyebrows, and shrugged. "It's not a prank! Get out of my face."

"You got a key for this thing?" Steve didn't put down the flashlight as he nodded towards the cellar. Dustin made a confirming 'hmph' and dug around in his pockets, clearly prepared, before ducking out of the light and moving towards the doors. Steve pushed him aside, dropping his bat and handing him the torch, before properly unlocking the doors and pausing. He glanced back and met Stella's eyes, and she pursed her lips nervously before nodding. 

Steve forcefully opened the doors, a loud clattering echoing through the area. Stella flinched a little, waiting fro something to happen, though when it didn't she felt her body freeze. Steve picked up his bat again and took the light back from Dustin, shining it down into the concrete cellar in search for whatever Dustin claimed lived in there. "He must be further down. I'll, uh, stay up here just in case he tries to escape."

Steve shot the younger boy a glare, before standing up and slowly beginning to make his way down. Stella rushed forward and poked his arm with her mallet while it was still in sight. He paused, looking back at her concerned face. "Please be careful."

"I'll be fine, Star. Wait up here with the kid," Steve assured her, and she sighed softly, before nodding once and letting him go. She moved back to be next to Dustin, who looked really confused. 

"Do you like Steve?" The boy asked her, his eyebrows knitted together. Stella felt slightly sicker than before. Her head whipped to the side to look at him, completely confused. 

"What?" She asked, her voice raising slightly in pitch. Dustin shrugged, gesturing to the cellar where her friend had disappeared. 

"Do you like Steve?" he repeated, and she scoffed, shaking her head. 

"No way," she responded quickly, causing Dustin to shoot her a disbelieving look. She nudged him with her elbow and face the cellar. "Shut up, this is serious."

"Haven't heard any screams yet, so he must be fine," the boy shot back, and she rolled her eyes, though a soft smile played at her lips. The pair were silenced once they heard the light turn on in the cellar, and both peered down into the small underground room. "Steve?"

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