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Princeton Imagines . ♥ [Mindless Behavior]

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Well, It's Princeton So It's Gon Be A Lil Freaky ;) If You Don't Like Freaky, Wait For Prodigy 's . : )) 


You: Hey Baby .

Prince: Heyy Beautiful ;)

You: Why You Gettin All Sweet ? :P

Prince: *Starts Kissing Your Neck*

You: I Knew I- *Tenses Up ; Moans A Little*

Prince: *Smiles ; Starts Removing Your Shirt*

You: *Rubs Your Hands Threw His Curls*

Prince: *Bites My Lip* Damn Girl .

You: *Flips Us Over, So That I'm On Top ; Takes Your Shirt Off Quickly, Starts Kissing Up His Chest*

Prince: You Might Wanna Stop .. You Don't Know What Your Getting Youself Into !

You: I Know Exactly What I'm Getting Myself Into ;)

Prince: Okay Then .. *Flips Us Over && Starts To Unbutton Your Pants ; Pulls Your Underwear Down With My Teeth*

You: *Bite Your Lip*

Prince: *Kisses Your Inner Thigh ; Looks Up At You For Approval*

You: *Nods*

Prince: *Slowly Sticks His Tongue Inside You ; Doing Tricks*

You: *Moans Loudy ; Arches My Back In Pleasure*

Prince: *Smirks ; Kisses Up Your Body*

You: *Bite My Lip* (Thoughts, I Want This Boy NOW !!) *Unbuttons His Pants &&' Pulls Them Down, As So His Underwear As Well*

Prince: Damnn ! You Ready . *Goes Inside You Slowly*

You: *Says While Moanly Softly* FASTER !

Prince: *Goes Fast, Then Slow, Then Deeper &&' Faster*

You: *Moans Loudly*

Prince: What's My Name ?

You: Prince ! *Moans*

Prince: WHAT IS IT ?

You: PRINCETON ! *Screams In Pleasure*

Prince: *Goes Deeper &&' Harder* WHAT WAS THAT !?

You: DADDY ! *Screams The Loudest* (I Laughed When I Wrote This) I'm Gonna Come ! (Won't Let Me Write The Word)

Prince: Go Ahead ! Come ! *Slows Down*

You: *Comes ; Breathing Hard*

Prince: *Licks Away All Your Sweet Juices* Mmm .


I Knoe This Was REALLY Freaky ! I'm Not This Dirty Minded, But It Was Princeton ! &&' Princeton Is Freaky, So I Wrote It For The Princeton Fans ! :DD (MEE ! Lol .) But Anyway, Hope Yhuu Enjoyed It Somehow ! Other MB Members Imagines Coming ! :)

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