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"Wakey wakey," someone says, shaking my shoulder. My eyes flutter open and I grimace at the brightness of the room.

"We're here," Cole says. "Everyone else is already outside."

I pull the covers off me and walk to the bathroom to change quickly.

"What are they doing?" I ask through the door.

"Concealing the ship. The island is swarming with the Stone Army," he responds.

I open the door so Cole and I didn't have to talk through it and pull my hair into a ponytail.

"What's the plan for today?" I ask.

"Finding the Temple, I think. But it's going to be hard since we can't be spotted," Cole says.

"Good thing we're the ninja," I say.

"We're good, but not that good. One of us is going to talk too loud or step on something and boom, whole thing gone to shit," Cole says, smiling a bit.

I roll my eyes. "Have some faith in us."

"But you see my point?"

"Yeah, yeah." Cole and I exit the Bounty and meet everyone else outside.

"Look who finally showed up," Kai says, crossing his arms.

"Hey, you could've woken me at any time," I say.

Jay snorts. "And risk getting a black eye? No thanks."

I sigh. "That was one time!"

"One time too many," Jay says.

"Whatever," I say, grabbing a shovel and begin helping to hide the Bounty in the sand.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today," Kai says, grinning.

"Shut up!" I say, throwing sand at him.


"Guys, cut it out!" Cole says. Kai glares at me.

"I hate sand! Why do we have to hide? We need to fight!" Cole says, groaning.

"But, Cole. Their weakness is unknown," Zane says. "It would be unwise to start a fight we cannot finish."

"That is why you five must find the Temple of Light," Sensei Wu says, standing on the deck of the Bounty. "Come in, ninja, we must discuss our plans."

Cole grins and runs into the Bounty, is following in pursuit.

Misako, once again, spreads her scrolls across a table in the bridge. "The scrolls say there's a hidden temple on the island. If you find it, it will give the ninja pure elemental powers," she says.

"So you're saying we get to fight?" Cole exclaims, grinning wildly.

"And you, Lloyd," Misako says, turning to Lloyd. "Once the Green Ninja strikes the Instrument of Peace, he will know the power of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master."

"Ultimate Spinjitzu Master?" Lloyd mumbles.

"It means you'll be able to access the power of the Golden Dragon, a powerful ancient fighting style," his mother explains.

We all look at each other, mouths agape. I want a golden dragon.

Lloyd laughs pridefully. "Jealous?"

"This sounds too good to be true," Kai says.

"Kai's right," I say. "What's the catch?"

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