Apologies and making up

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when Celestia woke up it was still dark outside she reached for her phone to check the time it was 4:30 and she realised she needed to pee so she wriggled out of sweet peas grip and went to the bathroom when she got out as she was turning the corner sweet pea was there smirking the girl jumped "jesus sweet pea way to give a girl a heart attack " they both let out a laugh "i got cold without you baby " she smiled and walked past him to the bedroom and got back under the covers he followed jumping on her saying "hey that's my side " she groaned and moved over "sweet i have to be up in a few hours please let me sleep " she was all cuddled up to him and he replied "so do i! " she exhaled and fell asleep soon after needing to be prepared for the day she had ahead

the next time she had woken up it was because her alarm was going off indicating she needed to get up she sighed and slapped sweet peas arm that was across her "come on babe if i have to get up then so do you " he groaned she tried to get up but sweet pea just hugged tighter "sweet i swear to god if you don't let me go i'll steal all your vodka,i need to shower and walk all the way to the northside now let go "he laughed and let her go "thank you now i'm going to shower" "if you hurry then i'll give you a ride to school" she smirked and headed for the shower when she finished she wrapped a towel around her and let her wet hair hang she walked into the room she had previously slept in and he was still laying in bed half asleep "hey sweet pea " he hummed in response "look at this " he rolled over to see his girlfriend she unwrapped the towel and revealed what was underneath he became fully aware he scrambled to his feet to go to her but she wrapped the towel again "if you go to school i'll think about letting you out of the doghouse" she stood smirking "now get out i need to get dressed " he was now the one smirking"nothing i haven't seen before" she punched his arm playfully but he respected her wishes and walked out the room leaving her to get changed

she decided to go for a white long sleeved shirt with black jeans and one of sweet peas hoodies tied around her waist she walked out the room to go get some coffee before she left she made her coffee and turned around to see sweet pea standing with his arms folded and tapping his foot the girl jumped nearly spilling hot coffee on herself "oh my god stop scaring me " she giggled he stood there "whats up sweet you want some coffee?" he blew hair from his face that had fell down "i can see your bra in that shirt go change it " "what are you ? my dad no i like this shirt" he remained in his position "go change i don't want any northsiders getting ideas or am i gonna have to take that shirt off myself" he now smirked "shut up i'm going to be late are you going to give me a ride or not " he grabbed her and began tickling her she wiggled and squirmed "SWEET STOP" she giggled he began lifting the hem of her shirt lifting it above her head she pulled it back down and escaped his grasp running away " no i'm wearing this shirt fuck you " she laughed they stopped and sweet pea gave her a fake sad look "ok if it makes you feel any better i'll put your hoodie on " his face lit up and he ran to her just as she finished putting it on

he hugged her tightly "i love you Celestia" her head was buried in his chest but he heard her mumble i love you too sweet pea" they pulled back from each other "lets go then don't want you being late "

they raced each other to the motorcycle Celestia dangling from her fingers "can i drive just this once please "he shook his head and grabbed the keys from her getting on his motorcycle she huffed and got on wrapping her arms around sweet peas waist and they sped away to the girls school he dropped her of first as she got off he asked "you want a ride after school " she shook her head "no i have to go see my mom" he nodded in understanding "if you need me you know where i am " he drove off to his school

when she turned around she was met by a few weird looks before she headed into school standing by her locker getting what she needed she looked to her left to see archie approaching her "what do you want?" he replied "Celestia we used to be best friends what happened " what happened was you started being an asshole to me why " her tone slightly softer "its ever since i saw you at the south side i was worried for you " she stood thinking " well archie maybe we can fix this broken bond " his eyes lit up "how ?" she smiled "milkshakes at pops" she laughed "come here you ginger fuckboy" they both laughed and she pulled him in for a hug but what she didn't know was someone was watching them and that someone was cheryl blossom she planned on causing mayhem to the perfect relationship she snapped a pic before walking out to her red car and driving to south side high all while the other girl was oblivious cheryl knew who he was because she had seen him outside of school before she walked in getting hungry stares from everyone she swiftly walked to the cafeteria where she knew he would be she walked up to the table and said "listen here snake your perfect little girlfriend must be fed up off you because she moved on to archie" alarm filled his face she showed him the picture "where did you get that from" anger filling him "i snapped it earlier ta ta for now"and with that she walked away heels clicking behind the boy stood up and shouted "FUCK" before punching a wall and storming out toni looked back at the group and said "if i know celestia she wouldn't do that to sweet pea she loves him to much there can't be anything going on between them but we'll find out soon enough "

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