Chapter One

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"Sixteen...seventeen...eighteen..." 42 counted.

Baaa each sheep bleated as it jumped over the fence.

"Nineteen...twenty...twenty-one..."They were all around her now. Cramped,claustrophobic, packed in tight so she couldn't move. She could hear the servos of their gnashing teeth as they munched on the grass around her. She tried to move. To stretch out, to push her limbs past the life like autonomous sheep, but the crush kept her confined to the fetal position in which she started. She felt the need to call out for someone, anyone, to help but knew somewhere inside not to.Gears and cogs whirred as the mechanical beasts attempted to shift their positions around her to no avail. They were tightly corralled with her in their midst.

She heard grunting and a sudden weightlessness. Then a sharp jolt woke her from her dream. Fora moment she panicked awakened in a strange confined space, then she remembered where she lie and why.

"This one seem heavier than the rest to you?" A masculine voice asked.

"Maybe a little."Another man answered. "Let's just hurry up and get it on the skiff before someone sees us."

She felt herself lifted again presumably by the two voices as they awkwardly jostled her container onto some manner of skiff. Another thunk as they put her down then the sound of chains, presumably to keep it from falling off the skiff, followed by two doors opening and closing. The distinct feeling of rapid acceleration followed as they drove off.

Some time later they pulled into a noisy building too loud to identify what might be going on inside. She waited with trepidation inside her cramped enclosure.Someone, or something, unloaded her from the skiff more smoothly than she'd been loaded and set her down. The cacophony stopped.

"Let's crack it open and get rid of the serial numbers." A new deeper voice commanded.

Zap, those are not the words I wanted to hear. She thought.

The hatch opened and she craned her neck to see three short Mezzier men staring angrily down at her.

"See,I told you it felt heavier than them other sheep."

One o fthe men grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out of the sheep's mechanical innards. "What the zap you doing in there girl?"

She got to her feet, towering over the short men, and replied, "Baaaa."

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