This Girl

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Natsu Dragneel
She fell asleep before she could answer my questions. She looked so peaceful, unlike the past few hours. I guess it would be a little stressful to be kiddnapped and then asked a million questions.

I brought her to my room, since we don't have guest rooms in a top secret base (which if you ask me is wrong. What if we want to have some company...... ignore I said that). I laid her on the bed and tucked her in. She looked beautiful. But my swooning thoughts were disrupted. Disrupted by the fact that I would have to sleep on the couch. UGH! She wouldn't mind if I slept on my bed? Wait, it's MY bed. I can sleep on my bed too! As long as I don't violate her privacy...unfortunately I am a cuddler...she is going to flip out....... too bad for her.

I leave her in my room while I do other responsibilities. Paperwork, training, strategizing, you know stiff like that. What else would we do in a secret organization? Heh heh heh......

I get back to my room at about 9pm. Lucy was still sleeping, even though she's been asleep 2pm (not that I haven't been asleep longer than that. My record is 35 hours). I climb into my bed. My comfy king sized bed that has the fluffiest matters ever! What?! A man likes his comfort. DONT JUDGE ME!

I grabbed some spare pillows to separate our space. Hopefully that works! I grab a pillow for me to hold, in a non weird way... yeah......... STAHP JUDGING MHE!!!!!!

I tried to sleep, but nope. I tossed and turned until midnight. Lucy was still sleeping surprisingly (did Dad drug her or something?). Maybe I could just hold her hands...that's all I need for my cuddling needs!........ hopefully....... NOT MY FAULT IS SOMETHING MORE HAPPENS!!!! SHE IS IN MY BED AND IM NOT CRUEL ENOUGH TO HAVE HER SLEEP ON THE COUCH!!!! I AM BEING A GENTLEMAN!!!!!!!!

I grab her soft, warm hands. She turns towards me. Unfortunately she was right on my chest. Technically I didn't violate her privacy, she violated I can cuddle her as payback right? I'm going to do it. I will..... I did it. It is done, there is no going back.....

Her face is in my chest and my hands are on her upper back, I am no pervert! Her hands are on my upper abs, 8 pack 😏, which makes her the pervert! Her soft breathing was in perfect symmetry with mine. I fall into a deep sleep...

~Time Skip to the next morning~

I woke up to see Lucy still asleep. Oh thank goodness! I really didn't want to get slapped. Even though she went to bed at 2pm, she was still out at 7am. She did have a very eventful day, emotionally and physically. But did Dad actually drug her? He probably did...... he would.
I want to wake her up...What?! I'm lonely. I'm the only 19 year old here! I'm going to wake her up. I will!...I did it. She slowly opens her eyes. She looks scared at first to see me, but probably remembers the day before.

"Breakfast?" She doesn't answer. Still scared? Well I mean I guess that is a natural reaction... but I thought we bonded yesterday! I wiped her tears and then we cuddled in my bed.

"You stay here and I'm going to get some eggs and toast." She doesn't look at me, just like yesterday... I trust that she stays here while I'm gone...hopefully... maybe..... she's not going to stay is she....... ?

I close the door and lock it with the finger pad and head to the elevator. The kitchen is on the base floor. The elevator stops on floor -4. Flare, my ex, walks in. She is still into me... but you can't blame her, I am unnaturally attractive ;)

"BABE! Where have you been?!" This b-witch. I said witch. W I T C H....... witch with a B! Haha........ please keep reading! I ignore her in the elevator, which makes her pissed.

Finally I get to the base floor and blot for the kitchen. The cook is serving breakfast. I sneak two servings, no one knows about Lucy...yet... and hopefully it stays that way.

I head back to the elevator once I have the food and press my floor button. The doors open and I head to my room, only to see that the doorknob was broken off and the door open. I turned to the elevator, and saw Lucy standing there while the doors closed. She must have ran in while I was getting out. Ugh! Does this mean I have to chase her?! This early in the morning?! I'm tired and hungry!

I ran to the doors, but the elevator was already going. Damn it! There are stairs upstairs, but they are a really long walk. Unfortunately I have no choice. I bolt up the stairs. When I got there I saw the elevator doors are closing with no Lucy inside, she isn't anywhere.

When I think all hope is lost, I hear her gentle footsteps. Everyone else has harsh steps from the years of training. Her footsteps lead to a door that I hear open. I bolt to said door.

I see her running back the way I brought her in. Damn she is fast! I bolt once again to reach her. She makes it out of the base, she saw yesterday where the guards were posted so she got by undetected. We need to have them change posts every now and then..... or have guards posted in more places....... we really suck at being an organization don't we......

I sprint to her direction. Luckily for me she is still wearing her heels so she has to be a bit more careful. Unfortunately for me she sees me coming and breaks off the heels of the shoes. She runs faster. It's too early in the morning for this!!!

No way I'm going to get her. She manages to run her way out of the winding road that we went down yesterday. I get a rush if speed when I see her run towards a police station.

I am just a few feet behind her! People are looking, but they think nothing of it. Is this town full of idiots?! I mean really?! A man sprinting after a girl is nothing to worry about?! Ugh.

I take a leap and grap her arm. I use my momentum to lift her off her feet. Her face is one of pure terror. I feel bad. She didn't ask to get into this, but she is now. The world is cruel..... *Alexa, play Mad World*

While walking Lucy back, she struggles to get lose. But like hell I'll let her go. She is never leaving my side. Never...... but not for any reason other than the fact that she knows too much....... I SWEAR!!!!!!

I let the guards know to be on the look out if she tries to escape again. Man, when I say 'escape' that sounds really bad...well regardless it is really bad. This is really bad. The world is bad. You could say it's a....... mad world....... with people going nowhere...... no expressions..... ok I'll stop now........ I just find it kind of funny..... ;p

I take her back to my room. She ended up falling asleep in my arms again, probably from low blood sugar (fell asleep at 2pm, woke up 7am, and who knows if she ate yesterday). I left her on the bed, but handcuffed her left hand to the bed frame...... I HAVE HANDCUFFS BECAUSE I WORK FOR A ORGANIZATION OK?!???!? GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!!! I have to get my door replaced and figure out how she even broke it. Ugh, more work.

As if the universe heard my question, I got my answer. Her right elbow was bleeding and maybe broken. Was she really that desperate to get out of here? I hate doing this to her, but our enemies know about her and will try to kill her. Also, how did I not notice that before?!

I turn to see Makarov standing at the door way. "Tisk tisk tisk. Natsu I thought you were supposed to punch a punching bag, not the door." Well he isn't wrong. I have punched the door once...or twice... or a few times...but it wasn't me this time!

"Not me Gramps. Could you look at Lucy's elbow? She got out of my room and made a run for it. Got pretty far too." Makarov isn't my Grandpa, but he has taken that role since mine died. And the fact that he is old......

Gramps walked over to Lucy. He looked at her elbow. "Hey Brat. Get me some rubbing alcohol and wraps. Just a little fracture by the looks of it." I nodded and went to grab the supplies that were in my on-suite bathroom.

I handed them to Gramps and he started fixing Lucy's elbow. She flinched when the rubbing alcohol reached her wounds.

"Ok. Watch her next time Brat. She is important. Who else is going to give me grandchildren?" Heat flushed my face, to which he laughed at and left. What does he always DO THIS?!?!? Every girl I have ever MET!!!

I looked at Lucy. We would make cute chil- NATSU! Well...I would be lying if I said that I didn't like her................. ugh, emotions.....

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