2. We were both kids

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You know you're in a five star grand apartment when the elevator doesn't work and you have to walk three flights of stares to an even grander apartment.

I plop down my bags in front of the door and take out the piece of paper that the court gave me to find him.

Harvey Bullock, Classville apartments on 28th street, apartment number 237.

I look up at the number right above my head.

Yep this is the Hell hole.

I put the piece of paper back into my pocket and knock on the door.

There's no going back to my old life. There's no new life either. I don't wanna think of this as a life. I want to think of this as a break before I turn eighteen and get the Hell out of the town and back to New Hampshire where I can live in my apartment and visit my mom everyday.

The door opens and a tall man with a scruffy face answers. He's wearing a grayish tan suit and hat and has a cigar in his mouth.

"Harvey Bullock?" I ask carefully.

"Yea that's me kid, what do ya need?" He asks taking the cigar out of his mouth.

I roll my eyes. Of course he's a smoker. I'm gonna go on a limb here and make a bet he's a drunk too. Wouldn't surprise me with where he lives and how he acts.

"The court sent me," I continue. "My name is Jessica Blair, Rosa's daughter."

There's a long pause. I guess he hasn't heard her name in a while. Or him and my mom had some adventure when they were together.

"Why'd the court send you? Your mother has you perfectly under control kid. You seem like a well brought up kid." Harvey shrugs, but let's me inside.

I place my bags on the old rundown couch and stare at him.

"You know I'm your daughter too, don't you." I say with no emotion.

Harvey runs his hand over his face and takes in a deep breath.

"Yes Jessica, I know." He says slowly. "Your mother told me and I didn't want that commitment. She's a great woman but I split. I didn't need to be held down at the moment. Still don't."

I know I should be angry, but I'm not. My mother did the right thing in not chasing after him to have him help her with me. This isn't the type of man you want with your child.

"Yea well that's a shame because the court sent me and this is where I'm gonna be living." I shrug.

Harvey looks taken back and just stares at me with his arms crossed.

"Why would the court send you here?" He asks me.

I take a deep breath and stare at him straight in the eyes.

"My mother is dead." I tell him finding the right words.

Harvey's eyes grow wide as he registers what I just said. Even though he left because she was pregnant, doesn't mean he necessarily stopped caring about her. Maybe she wasn't just a fling.

"Kid listen I'm really sor-" he starts but I cut him off.

"Don't. Listen you may not want me here but I'm here. In three years I'll be in college then you'll never have to see my again. Let's just get through those years ok?" I compromise.

Harvey nods and sighs.

"Leave your bags here for now." He tells me.

"Why?" I question as I follow him outside of the apartment.

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