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Warning smut dirty 🤐

Thursday 1:00am

Mary's POV
I wake up because someone is knocking at the door at 1am are you serious .
Ethan left 4hours ago . So it's probably him .

I open the door and see Grayson . Like what the fuck does he want at this time .

"Hey I know it's late , I know it's late ." He says with a mischievous smirk on his face .

"What's up ." I reply .

"Can we hang for a bit ." He says .

"Alright ." I say as he walks in and into the kitchen .

"Let me get us some drinks ." He says as I go and sit on the couch.

He comes and sets the alcoholic drinks on the table .

We start talking about private stuff. I get my drink and start drinking it .

The air is getting thicker .

"What did you slip up in my cup boy cause I want you." I tell him cause my drink is fucked up .

It's making me want him.

He sits next to me and I start to move in weird ways . He caresses my face and body .

Man do I want him right now . I start biting my lip cause the urges are insane .

"All I want is you . I just wanna see you strip right now ." I tell him .

"Cause you look so good I just want to get right to it ." I tell him .

" oh you're gonna have all of me tonight babygirl." He replies then I notice he was drunk .

"Lets go to my room baby boy ." I tell him now that i have control over my body but not my brain .

I grab his hand and lead him to it. He places me on the bed and he starts to strip right in front of me .

I start to take off my clothes in frustration of craving him . He gets on top of me .

"You're a big girl i know you can take it all . " he tells me slipping on his condom .

"Yes daddy ." I reply .

He starts kissing all over my body slowly and nibbling my sides . I start to moan in pleasure. He slowly pulls down my panties and throws them across the room .

He picks up one of my legs and puts it over his shoulder. He sticks in the tip and slowly slips the rest of it in .

He starts to go slow then he goes rough I feel pain but it's immediately replaced with pleasure. My moans echo around my room . His manly groans satisfy my ears . He gets under the covers and puts my legs over his shoulders. He starts putting his tongue down there and starts getting at it.

"Baby girl it's about to get even more rough ." He warns me he flips me over and makes me bend down on my knees .

He starts hitting it from behind really really rough my hair is getting pulled we're all sweaty . I'm moaning like crazy my legs are shaking with pleasure.

"Oh Grayson!" I scream .

"Mary fuck you're so tight !"He yells

He pulls out as we both hit our climax .

We're all sweaty , slippery and his body looks sexy as fuck !

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