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It's back to normal now... I have to go to work today... Casper's gone... he's on his way to Ireland to start his world tour, while Pax is still struggling with the fact that he won't see Casper for a while... and frankly so am I... I kinda miss the cocky bitch... "Come on Pax! Your going to Nan's today!" I smiled and he just looks up at me with sad eyes... I know what he wants... he wants to see Casper... he bursts out in tears. I sighed picking him up and rubbing his back. "It's ok pumpkin! We can call him when I get home from work, but until then would you rather go spend time with Jonah?" I asked giving him a small smile. He nodded his head as I pulled out my phone and called Caleb. He agreed to bring Jonah over to my moms. I know my mom won't care, she loves Jonah. I packed Pax favorite toys and stuffed them into his backpack. He was silent, watching my every move. "It's ok pumpkin." I smiled scooping up Pax. He rested his head on my shoulder with a sigh and I rubbed his back, making my way to the car mumbling things to my sorrow filled child. I buckled him in and we drove to Nan's house, where Caleb and Jonah where waiting. Had they already beaten us? How does Caleb get Jonah so fast? " 'AX!!" Jonah shouted as we walked in the door. Pax smiled a little, holding onto my shirt. I put Pax down and Jonah ran to him, engulfing Pax in a hug. "Is ok 'ax! I make better!" Jonah smiled and I smiled down at the two kids. Pax hugged Jonah back and started to cry a little. My poor baby... I was so afraid this would happen. "Ok boys we have to go." Caleb smiled. Pax let go of Jonah and ran to grab my leg. "Daddy no!!" He sobbed. "Peas don't go peas! No weave like Cas!" He sobbed and my heart shattered. "No baby I'll be back soon!" I cooed. He just kept crying, I knew this would happen god damn it! "Pumpkin I promise I'll be back." I smiled. "P-pomise?" He asked, looking up at me with his watery blue eyes. "Yes I promise." I promised, peppering his face with kisses.

He giggled a little before kissing my cheek. Jonah grabbed Pax hand and whisked him away before I could say anything else. My mom gave me a smile and a hug before I left with Caleb. We sat in the car, silence fell across both of us as we pulled out of the driveway... I'm still curious about how Caleb gets access to Jonah so fast... you'd think that's his mom wouldn't let Jonah go off with Caleb all the time, I love Sawyer but I'd never let her run off with Paxton whenever she wants. "Are you being honest with me?" I asked blatantly. Caleb didn't respond."about Jonah?" I pressed and he sighed. "Caleb..." I asked. "I'm sorry Flint..." he mumbled... I knew it! "It's ok... can I ask?" I questioned and he nodded. "I met this guy... no I actually didn't... Flint I've been lying because... I can't... I don't... I don't wanna tell anyone..." he cried and I put my hand on his shoulder. He pulled into an empty parking lot and turned to look at me. "You don't...-" he cut me off before I could finish.

"Flint... Jonah is the product of my rape." He whispered through teary eyes. "Caleb..." I cried grabbing my friend. He let out a cry as I held him close, not sure what to do. "Everytime I look at Jonah... I see his dad... but I can't get rid of him... he's... I love him too much!" Caleb cried out, the pain in his voice obvious. "Caleb... breath it's ok!" I smiled... smiled through the pain for my friend... I can't even imagine... going through something like that and looking at the product everyday... seeing my rapists face in my smiling child. I hugged my friend, as he cried and tried to compose himself.


+Casper's Perspective+
"IM HOME!" Knox shouted over the screaming fans, as I kept playing my rift of the song. Luke coming over to me with his Bass, a smile plastered on his face. He covered the mic on his face and I raised an eyebrow. "Look at the sign over there! I wanna do it!" He laughed and I looked towards where he was pointing. I laughed and nodded. He handed me his Bass and hopped up onto the drums stand to do what the sign said.

If lash is real, Luke play the drums with Cash!!

Knox kept talking and interacting with the crowd and I watched as Luke sat on Cash's lap and put his hands over his as Cash hit the drums. People screamed and it blew up on the giant screen behind us. Time for some lyric changes to fuck people up.

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