Chapter 06: Apprehension

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Jennifer hit the button and a second passed, then the screen before her lit up green. Pristine blue text appeared: Bridge Lockout Ended. She let out a long sigh of relief and then slowly popped her neck, relieving the tension.

"We did it," Megan said.

"Yeah, we did."

She was glad the radios were working again. On the way to the second security checkpoint, she'd finally gotten a call from Mark. He was now on his way to take care of their leak. Still no word on Frost, though. She was worried the man might be dead by now. But there was nothing they could do about that.

They were very close to getting onto the bridge now.

"Meet me halfway," Jennifer said as she stood up.

"On it," Megan replied.

She left the security center and checked the area, but no more hostiles had arrived in the interval of time she'd spent in there. She made her way quickly down the corridor, towards the main checkpoint. She saw Megan and Ishi hurrying to join her from the other end of the passageway. They met in the checkpoint, then hurried down the final stretch of corridor to the large, imposing doors that would grant access to the bridge.

Jennifer was secretly paranoid that it wouldn't work, that she'd slide the card and the mag reader wouldn't work or the card was broken or some other bullshit would happen. But, as she pulled the security keycard out of her pocket and swiped it down the thin metal reader, there was a happy chirp and the lights that had been red became green. With a sigh of relief, Jennifer pocketed the card and opened up the bridge.

Inside, the undead waited for them.

"Take them down!" Jennifer snapped, raising her rifle.

There were a good dozen of them.

Most of them, she saw, were regular zombies, but there were a few of the ones that launched shit at you were mixed in with the lot. She targeted them first, since they were the most dangerous. The sweet spot, she found, was right about where the top of the neck was. Given that their heads were tilted back at a pretty steep angle, shooting them through there also punched through their skulls. She still didn't know if these were the kind of zombies you needed to shoot in the head to take down, but hey, a headshot was a headshot.

She took down the first of the mutations and as she was sighting the second one, it launched one of its things at her. She narrowly sidestepped, away from Megan and Ishi, as not to get shot since they were peppering the zombies' position with gunfire. Jennifer adjusted her aim and popped off another two shots, bringing down the second mutation. From there, it was a simple mopping up exercise, as none of the others fired back.

When the last zombie fell, Jennifer reloaded her rifle.

"Close the door, wait here," she said.

Ishi and Megan were, in their own way, eager to obey. Although Ishi was a good leader, he likely knew that Jennifer was a better one in this situation. He could very likely keep his head when something lethal and immediate went wrong in the operating room, but anything that involved gunfire and the undead were probably beyond him. They were a bit beyond Jennifer, too, but she thought she was doing okay so far. She moved around the bridge, checking out all the little recessed niches and potential hiding spots.

"Okay," she said once she had completed her sweep, "we're clear. Ishi, get on the console, find out what the fuck happened to us."

"Got it," Ishi replied.

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