The New Kid

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Lucy Heartfilia
I was awoken by a blinding light. The light of the sun was shining through out my room. I rubbed my eyes and slid my feet out from my bed. Needless to say but it is a king sized bed. My room was a master bedroom. My father is the owner of a multi billion company, but we make sure to help anyone or thing in need. We strive to be as caring as possible.

I slip my feet into my slippers and grabbed my silk robe. It was 6am so I headed downstairs to make some breakfast. While we do have maids I don't like to bother them, they have their hands full enough with my sister and father.

My father has been an alcoholic ever since my mother died from cancer. He drinks himself untill he passes out, I have no idea how his company is still as big as it is. My sister, Michelle, cries herself to sleep. I don't want to have our maids and butlers work anymore than they have to.

I decide to make myself sweet potato pancakes. I always make enough for our staff and Michelle. Father is never awake to have breakfast...

Soon enough Michelle comes downstairs at the smell of food. Like usual her eyes are red from crying...the staff also arrived.

"Hey Lulu. Made breakfast again?" I nod. The staff and Michelle dig in. They look like animals eating, it makes my day a little brighter.

"Michelle, did you finish your homework?" She looks up, then anywhere but at me. So that's a no. Michelle has had a hard time in school since father started drinking.

"You need to tell me if you need help." She looks me dead in the eyes. I know she tries her best, but she still struggles. What makes it worst is that she never asks for help.

"I will." Liar. She has become determined to pass my 'amazing' abilities.

"Lies." She smashes her head on her pancakes. Luckily she didn't put anything on her pancakes yet, well that would be funny if she had maple syrup all over her face...;)

"You always know! What is your secret?!" I shrug. I guess it's a natural 'gift'. At least that's what everyone calls it. Is it a gift to know that your mother is dying and is in unimaginable pain..? Is it a gift to know that your cousin is still looking for the one to ease her never ending torture? Is it a gift to know that your sister wants to die alone to get away from her suffering?! Is it a gift to know that your FATHER drinks his emotions away so that he doesn't have to feel ANYTHING?!?'s stop saying that it is...

I unfortunately finish my breakfast in a terrible mood, but I hide it. Why should I bother anyone with my problems? I head upstairs to get ready for school.

After I take a shower and other hygienic normalities. I do some natural looking makeup and chose a outfit. A white off the shoulder dress and gladiator heels. I put my golden hair in a messy fishtail braid.

 I put my golden hair in a messy fishtail braid

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My chocolate brown eyes stare at my reflection. I remind myself of my dreams and goals, it makes it easier to live on...

I head back downstairs. It's about 7:30am, and school starts at 8am. I prefer to walk to school on a nice day, so I might as well start walking. Michelle likes to drive with a guardian, so no need to wait for her. She is 16 and I am 17.

I walk through a park while listening to happy music. The music blocks out people shouting discussing things. I didn't ask to have a curvy shape. I slightly dance to my music, I didn't care if anyone was watching.

I arrive at school with 5 minuets until classes start. I see my friends; Levy, Ezra, Cana, Mira, Juvia, Gray, Gajeel, Loke, and Sting. They start running towards me, all smiling.

"Lucy! I got an A on my algebra test!" Gray blurts out. Liar.

"Nope. You got a...C, but almost a B!" Gray drops to his knees. That always happens when ever I win, which is always! The others start laughing.

"You are a freaking mind reader!" Maybe I am...just kidding, I'm not.

"Gray, she is more like the real Sherlock." Levy states. I guess that's one way to think of it. The bell rings and we head to our classes. Ezra, Levy, Loke, and I have english first.

I greet our teacher and take my usual seat at the back left corner of the room. I always get straight A's, so I never really need to pay attention. Maybe I really am Sherlock, nope just kidding. Although it would be awesome to solve mysteries and crimes. Maybe that's what my job should be! On second thought, no way.

Students file into the room and take their seats. The teacher stands up to speak. "Good morning class. We have a new student. Please treat him with kindness and respect. If you would please come in Mr.Smith." The teacher addresses someone standing at the door. A guy walks into the room.

He is wearing a plad button up shirt and white undershirt. Black jeans and black sneakers. He is wearing a beanie with his pink hair sticking out.

"Please introduces yourself Mr

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"Please introduces yourself Mr.Smith." The guy walks to the front of the room.

"Hey. My name is Charlie Smith and I moved here from the USA."

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