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( Short chapter, oops )

( Short chapter, oops )

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❛ Get out. ❜

Lucas rung the doorbell. Mike immediately answered the door, looking to see if Max was there.

She was.

He sighed and let them all inside anyways. They all went down in the basement.

"Jane's here. Keep your cool." Lucas whispered to Max, who had lightly hit him in the chest. Jane looked up and saw Max. She excitedly stood up and hugged her. Surprisingly, Max hugged back.

"Hey Max! How are you?" Jane asked softly which made Mike sigh. Dustin nudged Mike, telling him that they were right. Jane didn't hate Max.

"I'm doing fine. My day wasn't as good as it should've been but it was good so far."

"Why was it bad?"

Max glared at Mike, "Why don't you tell her?"

Mike clenched his jaw and looked at Max with a fake smile, "No, Mayfield. Take this opportunity to pour your heart out. Please, enlighten us."

Max does the same, "No, Wheeler. You were there the whole time. Come on, tell her."

Jane snaps, "Can both of you just tell me why it was bad?"

Max and Mike looked at each other angrily. Mike didn't say anything, so Max sighed in defeat.

"Mike was acting like a bitch towards me." Max told Jane, and she looked confused.

"What's a bitch?"

"A female dog which is how Mike was acting. He was barking all of his snarky comments and surprisingly didn't have any good tricks along with it."

Mike was sick of Max's comments, "Get out."


"Get the hell out, Mayfield!"

Max was obviously hurt. She was almost on the verge of tears but she held them back. She grabbed her skateboard and was at her way of leaving, as she looked back. She opened the door and skateboard her way home.

"Mike, are you crazy?!" Jane yelled at Mike, who was upset at himself for yelling at Max. Jane ran to the front door but Max was already gone.

Did I hurt y'all feelings?

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