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Everything was dark I couldn't feel anything I couldn't think anything i couldn't even hear anything.I just felt.Dead.

"Kalanee!, Kalanee!" I head somebody screaming my name.

"Who is that" I felt myself say but I couldn't hear myself saying it.

"It's your grandma girl" My grandma appeared infront of me.

I grandma on my mom side had died when I was 10.

"I miss you so much" I felt tears Well up in my eyes.

"Aw,baby don't cry, you see me now and we'll see eachother again someday" she hugged me and comforted me.

"I know, do you know who shot me" I asked her.

"Yes that I do know but I can't tell you" she made a face.

"What?! Why"

"You'll find out soon and if you don't that boy will" She Said.

"What boy"

"Kentrell, Youngboy" She Said.

"I'm sure he will" I nodded thinking about how he probably out there going crazy.

"I know you strong so you can rest for a little but more but you need to get back out there before everybody go crazy" she told me.

"Ok" I nodded.

"We'll see you soon" she hugged me before walking away.

"Wait huh" I followed her.

"That's it?"

"Yes, I just came to visit and my time is up" she continued to walk.

I tried to grab her arm but my hand went through her body and I kept trying to walk after but the more she walked the higher up she went until she disappeared.

I dropped down to my knees and started crying.She was there and now she's gone..again.

I guess I'll just take her advice and rest for a little bit and then try to wake myself up again.



"Ion care mane Ion trust nobody until I figure out who did this shit, for all I know it could be you" I told Nisha.

"Kentrell me and NeeNee cool why the fuck with I do this to her that grimy as fuck" she tried to explain but I grabbed my son and slammed the door in her face.

"Kaydennnn"I Yelled kissing all over his face as I held him.

I heard knocking at the door again and I groaned and put Kayden and went to open the door.

"Who the FUCK" I yelled as I opened the door but stopped when I seen Jania.

"Kentrell Please Listen to me" She pleaded.

I looked at her blankly "talk"

"I'm pregnant and I know you don't believe me but I didn't get pregnant like this by myself you did it to me" she said.

"How you pregnant when I used condoms every time" I straight faced her.

"Because I-I poked a hole in the condom" she put her head down.

"Mane What the fuck,What's wrong with you, you know I'm with NeeNee and you just like fucking shit up huh" I got in her face.

"Kentrell trust me I didn't want to do this" She trembled.

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