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"Don't ever come to this place again", Taehyung said and the girl fainted away.

"My god. Why does this girl always pass out whenever we meet. This is the second time already".

Taehyung wiped his sweat on his forehead and placed both of his hand on his waist. He looked around the street, finding it empty, he quickly grabbed the girl and made her to stand with her body pressure on Taehyung, as she was still unconscious. A few meters away was her bag. He draped it on his shoulder and picked Irene in bridal style.

The girls was unconscious. She was wearing a very short dress, which made Taehyung to flush red as her cleavage was quiet revealing. He cleared his throat and took her to an empty hut.

"The temperature is so low. Why is she even wearing such a short cloth", He hissed.

He placed her down on the ground and opened her bag, finding a hoodie and back jeans, mask, a knife along with a bottle filled with pepper powder, "Is she some kind of mafia or what", He chuckled.

He then inhaled a deep breathe and closed his eyes as his fingers slid the strap of Irene's dress. He clenched his teeth because of goosebumps forming on his body. His heart was beating faster with every attempt.

He slid the jeans above her waist and buttoned it up.

He pulled her hand to make her sit upright, but he was too strong so her head landed directly on Taehyung's chest.

'Ah! What's happening?'

Taehyung felt like his heart was gonna explode real soon. He quickly shook his head and pulled the hoodie down till her waist, making her covered with good amount of fabric covering her body.

He opened his eyes and found the weak Irene snoring loudly. He without realizing had a smile on his face. He tucked few strands of hair on her ear.

Until realization hit him hard. He stood up from the ground in disbelief.

"What the fvck am I doing".


                       Chapter: 9

                      "The Party"


"Mr & Mrs. Bae, Please come here with me", A girl in a formal uniform addressed the guests.

Taehyung cursed under his breathe and tried to hide his face as Irene was just few meter away from him. Taejoon noticed Taehyung being all flustered and uneasy. He eyed him, but Taehyung continued cursing nervously.

Seokjin walked towards the couple and bowed down showing respect,"Good Evening, Mr & Mrs Bae. I feel extremely obliged to meet you both".

The couple gave a satisfying grin to each other, and placed their hand on Seokjin's head, "You are such a mannered boy", Seokjin blushed.

Seokjin's gaze automatically averted towards the girl who was standing awkwardly staring at him. Seokjin smiled and the girl bowed down. He found her cute.

Mr & Mrs. Bae noticed both of them. Being all happy, Irene's mother pulled Irene towards Seokjin and introduced both of them to each other. They shook hands and exchanged smiles.

'He is good looking', Irene thought.

'She's cute', Seokjin smiled.

"Annyeong Noona! Nice to meet you. I am Seokjin's younger brother", Jiwoon bowed down to Irene, with the same smirk on his face which made Irene uncomfortable. She forced a smile to him tucking few strands of hair behind her ear.

Seokjin coughed in between the silent atmosphere, "Btw, They are my brothers, Taejoon and Taehyung", He introduced with an outstretched arm.

''Step'', Jiwoon muttered earning a glare from Seokjin.

Irene automatically diverted her gaze towards the two brothers, among which one of them was trying hard to cover up his face. Irene found him very weird, but she still bowed down as a matter of giving respect.

Taehyung had his head low with his bangs completely covering his forehead. When Seokjin introduced them to Irene, he only gave a nod with his eye fixed on the tiles below.

"Come sister. Let's go and sit there with our parents", Jimin pulled Irene towards the table which was specially decorated for them.

Taejoon and Taehyung were all alone now. Even Seokjin went to address the Mayor and his family.

'Fvck that was close', Taehyung sighed in relief.

Taejoon eyed his younger brother again,"Do you have any crush feeling towards Mayor's daughter?", Taehyung had his jaw dropped in shock. He scoffed in disbelief,"No Hyung!! We met just today".

Taejoon narrowed his brows,"I don't believe you", He shook his head disbelievingly and moved toward the bar.

Taehyung thought to explain himself but he knew that his hyung won't believe him, that's why he closed his mouth immediately.


"Ladies and Gentlemen"

A sound echoed inside the hall, gaining everyone's attention towards the stage.

Jiwoon was there on the stage with the same smirk plastered on his face. He had his eyes fixed on Irene, which made Irene feel very uncomfortable as he was literally checking her out.

Irene fixed her hair and fiddled with her fingers uncomfortably.

From a corner, Taehyung had his eyes fixed on Irene. He couldn't stop noticing her. That was when he saw a change in Irene's expression. Taehyung averted his gaze towards the stage and noticed his step brother Jiwoon checking Irene from top till bottom.

Taehyung clenched his fist in anger.

Jiwoon smirked,"As you all know how reputed we are in Korea just within few years and this was all possible because of my father's and all the staff members harkwork".

Everyone applauded including Taehyung with a glint of anger.

"My father, Mr.Kim couldn't be here with us today because of work but my brother Seokjin is finally back from Australia and just to let you guys know, he will soon be taking over the company".

Seokjin gained many attention because of Jinwoo's speech.

"So this party is because of my brother being back to Korea and Kim family coming back to Seoul for the betterment of city".

"So enjoy the party. Thank you!"

At last, Jiwoon bowed down for the last time and thanked everyone for coming to the party.


"Irene", Mrs. Bae gave a pat on Irene's shoulder. Irene turned towards her mother,"Yes mom".

Mrs. Bae chuckled,"Isn't Seokjin such a gentleman?"

Irene eyed her mother from top till bottom as her mother looked too excited,"Don't even think of giving divorce to my father mommy", Mrs. Bae had her jaw dropped, she immediately slapped Irene's shoulder making Irene to wince in pain,"Just kidding Mom. Don't take it seriously".

Irene turned back to her original position and her mother just continued staring her.

Mrs. Bae sighed,"It was not for me but for you", She whispered inaudibly.



Just a filler chapter.

The first segment of this chapter is kind of additional for chapter 5. To show what actually happened after Irene fainted in 'Dark Town' and even why Taehyung was having a hard time to face Irene in this chapter.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I maybe lacking but I am trying my best to improve. Next chapter will be up soon. Please look forward to it.

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