Part 20~To hell and back~Pt.2 of 3

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"Well i think I'll just TAKE what I want, I mean its nothing much really, its just one longgggg passionate kiss on the lips" Bing shot back with a smirk plastered on his face..............

{(Y/N) POV}

Ash's eyes widned and she started to tear up again but this time in anger, " WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!? FIRST YOU KIDNAP US THEN TIE US UP AND NOW YOU EXPECT ME TO FUCKING KISS YOU!!! YOUR OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMNED MIND!" Ash screamed at Bing 

Bing just stared at Ash more then turned his attention to me, "Well if she wont kiss me then I guess we will have to show her how its done so she will have some experiance, right?" Bing said whilst walking over to me and bending over near my face. "n-no I didn't agree to this" I slowly spat out. Bing started to burst out laughing, "It's funny that you think that you have a choice" Bing then slowly bent over toward me and grabbed under my chin pulling it toward him. "Be prepared for the most ELECTRIFYING time of your life" bing said as he leaned in and conected our lips, I started to cry wishing Anti was here to help me get out of this hellhole, but as soon as our lips touched I got electracuted

  "OUCH WHAT THE FUCK?" I said whilst jerking my face away from his and scrunching my nose "Welllllll I am a computer, right?" Bing stated with a smile that could turn me to stone. Bing then stood upright and walked over to Ash was a even bigger and lustful smile. "NO get the fuck away from me you discusting perv!" Ash said as Bing walk closer to her, he then put his legs on eaither side of her and slowly came closer to her face she jerked her head to the side avoiding his attempt to kiss her. Bing then yanked her by her jaw and started to kiss her. Out of nowhere Bing fell over and passed out, when he fell over behind him was google holding a few wires, I looked over to Bing and saw there was a hole where google hit him."Oh my god google thank you" I said as Google undid both of our chains and helped us to our feet

{Anti POV}

We all got into the car and drove to the old abandoned house that we found (Y/N) and Ash before and got out, but when we walked in it seemed as though no one had been there since the last time we were there. "Well I guess we should look around, just to make sure no one is here, right?" Dark said walking down the cramped hallway. We fallowed him down the hall and at the end there were three ways to go one leads to the torture room where Ash was, another to the basement and the last one to a bedroom, Dark goes to the basement, mark goes to the bedroom and I go to the torture room.

{Darks POV}

I slowly walk down the stairs into the basement, I look around for anything and all the only thing there was a shelf with weapons on it and the chains that held  (Y/N) and Ash were kept. I look at the chains discusted at what Bing did to my friends, when I get my hands on him he will regret being made.....

{Marks POV}          {Alot of diffrent POVs I know lol}

I walk into the bedroom and all i see is a old dresser and a gross king sized bed with dust all over it. off to the side there was another door, as I got closer to try and examine it I gagged at the smell that was coming from behind the door. I slowly opned the door and what was behind it made me throw up. There were two skinned people in a bathtub in the room, the peoples eyes looked as though they were awake when it happened to them. I slowly stepped out of the small bathroom and stood wide eyed at what I just saw, and pray that this didn't happen to (Y/N) and Ash...

{Antis POV}

I walk into the torture room and look around, there is dry blood on the walls, a operating table sorta thing and a table off to the side holding on top of it a whole bunch of tools, with more dried blood on them, as I look around more I notice a torn piece of wallpaper on the other side of the room, I walk over to it to examine it closer and notice that it's been patched up multiple times I grab ahold of it and rip it off to see a door with no handle on the other side "UHHH guys I think I found something!!" I yelled as Mark and Dark run it. "Whoa, why is that there?" Mark asked in confusion. "I have no idea, but what I do know is that we need a doorknob to get this open" I said blankly

"I think I saw an old doorknob in the basement under the stairs, I'll go get that to see if it works" Dark said running off to the basement once more, "hey mark you look kinda shooken up are you okay?" I asked mark who was just looking off. "Y-yea I'm fine I just saw something back in the bedroom that I shouldn't have, two people were skined alive" Mark shook out. "oh god...I'm sorry you had too see that dude" I responded in a hushed tone. A few seconds ater Dark came running in with the doorknob in his hand, "here ya go Anti, one old doorknob" Dark said while handing me it. I put it in the slot and it fit perfectly, I twisted the handle and when i opened it there was a staircase going down with dimly lit lighbulbs above showing just enough that you could see your feet but nothing to far ahead......

{(Y/N) POV}

"okay so now where do we go?" i asked, slowly standing up and rubbing my wrists, finally free of the chains. "I really dont know how to get out of here, one mineute I was at my house standing around when the next moment I blacked out and woke up here" Google said rubbing the back of his neck aquardly. Suddenly we heard a grunt from Ash, we look over and see her kicking the shit outta Bing even though he is out. Google ran over and pulled Ash away and I hugged her. I soon let go of her and looked completly around the room and grabbed a knife from the shelf of weapons that I saw earlier and hanned them too Ash and Google aswell. "Good thinking (Y/N), this is why your tyhe smart one" Ash said smiling at me, Google smiled at me too, making me feel a little better about the situation.

I looked to the door behind me, and still couldnt see the end of the hall, and decided too walk there because its the only way outta here. Google and Ash followed behind me and we noticed how dimly lit the place was. I looked behind me and smacked into a wall "FUCK THE ONE TIME I TURN AROUND TOO" Ash starts do die of laughter and Google tries to hold back laughing but fails miserably. I blush the just stare at them and wait for them to calm down, a few minuets later they calmed down and looked behind me and noticed that there were now 2 ways to go instead of one big hallway. "well fuck" Ash said moving ahead of me and looking at both of the dimly lit halls, examining them like if she stares hard enough one of the paths would magically dissapear. Google rolled his eyes and pulled up a monitor screen from his chest typed in flashlight, suddenly a flashlight appeared from thin air. "Here Ash shine it down the halls and see if you can see anything" Google said calmly I stood there staring at him "you could do that the whole time and your only thinking of doing this now?" I said staring at him while Ash pointed the flashlight at both the hallways back and forth. "Well I only just thought of it, like Ash said your the smart one" Google said while leaning up against a wall "Okay fuck this the flashlight isnt helping anyone, lets just go left, because honestly we have a 50% out of 50% chance of getting out no matter which way we go" Ash said giving up and turning around.

"I dont know Ash its risky" Google said with his back still on the wall. "Well its the best chance of getting out we have" Ash said as she started to turn around and walk down the left hallway, "C'mon Google we cant lose her, she is right it doesnt matter which way we take because we don't know whats at the end of either. Google got up and we started to follow Ash who was holding the light out to see ahead of her. After what felt like hours we finally came into a huge room......


SUP FUCKERS!!!! Sorry lol I say that alot now heheh I decided to change the parts to this story from 2 to 3 because i got more ideas. Also like I said before im sorry about not updating in awhile, but im keeping to my promise of updating once every friday or saturday so WOOO!! welp imma go away and write some sin for my upcoming LEMON book so get ready my fellow filthy sinners 

                      ~Author chan

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