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A romantic relationship between two persons is a bond when they find trust and love in each other. It is never a game of dares, or a game of how many dicks you can open your legs to. Most people want someone who is loyal to love them but most of them are not loyal themselves. It is normal to have needs too, and i confess i have closed one eye when she hooked up with matthew from my history class. Now and then, i will find myself forgiving her. But, now to my best friend, Aaron? Whoa. How can i not be so furious when your best friend was even willing to have unprotected sex with her?

I opened the door to see my girlfriend riding my best friend's dick with no condom at all. Honestly, my first reaction was to ensure there was a condom. But as Lacey slip out of Aaron's to grab her clothes when i busted them, disappointment rushed in and engulfed me completely. Shock and silence filled the room as quick as possible.

"I- I can explain! Ja- Jace I was forced!", Aaron broke the awkward silence as i raise my left hand up to my forehead and close my eyes to make a dramatic genuine disappointment, while Lacey desperately trying to put on her victoria secret panties.

I was not ready for any sexual activities, and Lacey was completely supportive of my decisions. If they even have a condom in between their intercourse in the first place, I would not have kicked a hole through the poor old wooden door before leaving.

Aaron and I supposed to meet today to play basketball near Ferand Avenue, but I did not expect my Sunday to be ruined like that – catching your girlfriend groping her own breasts violently while riding on my best friend with just his nike shorts down to his ankles.

I have many friends in school and well liked, so is Lacey. War has apparently broke out after my post on facebook, 'Caught that shameless whore I can't believe what I have seen!!'
It was never my fault and it is a fact considering how she had already did it behind my back twice. What I did on facebook was nothing worse than having sex with your boyfriend's best friend without a condom. Now if you're talking about war online, Lacey is one of the best keyboard warriors online. As i have mentioned Lacey is a favorite girl at school, it is extremely easy to pick 20 minions to spam your social media accounts with false information and spread rumors online to everyone. One time, it was even sent Mrs Jedisten. In a matter of time, the whole staff room is full of gossips.
'omg did you know @jacefuxks traded pic with Jessica, the fatass girl who thinks she can ride a pony without cracking the bones of the poor horsie that sits at the far end in the cafeteria!!'
'guys @jacefuxks has the smallest dick on earth i'm sooooo glad lacey dropped his ass lol'

I have known Lacey for a year already, I knew i am going to be laughed at when a comment notification popped up on my phone's screen, tagged with my username. Lacey shows no remorse at all if she has to fight for her stupid pride and fame. Stupid how I have just realized this.

I spent the rest of my sunday lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling with my basketball tee still not changed, I pondered about what I could have said or do earlier. I could have been more dramatic and go crazy but I don't know if i even like Lacey in the first place to be extremely jealous and heartbroken. We were together because she was pretty, smart and all. She's the girl every guys desire to be with. I remembered the first time we met in school. It was so sudden and everything was simple. She was extremely graceful and neat when she leaned against my rusty blue metal locker which has probably been used for more than two decades. No one can even compare with her, for leaning on someone's filthy locker looking randomly beautiful.

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