"That dog is going to be neutered," I sneered.

"There's someone coming," Marcus hissed. I quickly changed into a rodent and scampered underneath the blankets. Rose hid me and I listened with rapt attention. The door opened and I felt my fur stand up on end. I made my way through the blankets, seeing a gray man with white hair and blood red eyes. "Aro, your dog is torturing ..."

Aro hissed, holding up his hand and sending Marcus flying back. He collapsed into a heap on the ground and Carmen ran to him, helping him to sit up. "You will not speak to me, human," Aro growled. "But, I know what Jacob did. He'll be punished for his indiscretions." He turned to Rosalie. I ducked, hiding in the folds of the blanket. "Miss Rosalie, my apologies ..."

"Your apologies mean nothing. Let us go," she said, her voice quiet, but strong. "I need medical attention."

"I can feel your power. You're a healer," Aro scoffed, turning and his white hair billowing behind him.

"I cannot heal myself," Rose replied.

"No, you will not be released," Aro said. He looked at Rosalie, his nose wrinkled. I didn't know why, but it appeared that he saw me through the blankets. "I did not realize that we had a rodent problem." Rosalie looked down, her bruised face surprised. "I will kill it."

"Please don't," Carmen said. "We do not want the animal to suffer."

Aro sighed, nodding. "Very well." He blinked back to Rosalie. "I'll have some of my healers prepare a draught for you, Miss Rosalie. It's the least I could do in regard to your injuries." He wrinkled his nose again at me and left the room, enchanting it with dark magic.

We waited for a few moments and I changed back to my human form. "Are you in pain, Rosalie?"

"I'm in pain, but I feel dirty more than anything," she shuddered. "You need to go before Aro comes back to kill the rodent."

"I'm sorry, Rosalie. We're working on something," I said. I looked at Carmen. "Tonight." I changed back to the primate and hopped up to the window. I opened it, slipping out of it and changed back into a raven, taking off again. I checked in other parts of the castle. In one of the dark rooms, I saw four coffins. Vampires. I flew over the ocean and made my way toward Liam and Peter. Just under a mile away, I found them hidden among the tree tops and fog.

You took an unnecessary risk, Lord Edward. Going to the cell? Liam chided.

Jacob beat the shit out of Rosalie, along with sexually assaulted her. He found the tracking chips. We need to speak to Jasper. Was it just Rosalie's chip that he found? Or did he remove Marcus' or Carmen's? I thought back. It was a necessary risk. You didn't hear the crying.

It was a calculated risk, Peter said, his eagle head cocking to the side. At least they know we're coming, right?

Correct, I answered. But, Aro did try to 'kill' me when I was a rodent. He might have subconsciously felt my power. We'll need to be prepared that he might suspect our invasion, I said, ruffling my feathers. I cocked my head and heard the thoughts of my sihrena. Peter must have felt his mate, as well. We took off, flying to the caravan of SUVs, and following them until we arrived at a hidden, magically warded location. Morphing into my fae form, I landed just outside of a contemporary home and watched as the SUVs parked. Bella ran out and flew her arms around my neck. "I'm okay, Bella."

"I saw everything," she said, her fingers tracing my facial tattoos. "Jacob violated Rosalie?"

"In a way," I growled, holding her to my chest. I heard her sob and my heart broke for my mate, knowing what she'd endured. My heart also went out to Rosalie and Emmett, for fear of what they'd need to do to move past this violation. "He may also be aware of us."

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