Chapter Thirty

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Damn you, ever-nagging plot bunnies ... I just can't get this one out of my head. I am focusing on one story, but I wanted to get a foundation on this new one. So, here we go ... This will be similar to Buying Love, Friends with Benefits, Mafia Princess and The One That Got Away, with shorter chapters and weekly updates: I'm planning on keeping the update schedule with this one ... Sunday updates, Wednesday teasers.

We'll start the battle next time ... Edward's going to do some reconnaissance with Liam and Peter and then the battle will commence. Who will come out victorious?

Chapter Thirty


Those of us who could shapeshift into airborne creatures did so and we took off toward La Push. The rest of our supernatural army loaded into reinforced SUVs, driving north toward La Push. I wanted to be with Bella, but Peter and Liam were all adamant that the three of us run recon over Aro's castle.

Liam led our trio of birds toward La Push. He was a huge thunder bird, bringing storm clouds with him and the power crackled all around him. Peter was to his right, dwarfed by Liam's size and I was to Liam's left, flying as a falcon. Lord Edward, look below, thought Liam. We're here.

I cocked my head, dipping below the cloud bank and saw the foreboding palace of darkness. We should do further recon. Get inside? I questioned.

You'd have to do it, Edward. You're the only one who can change his shape at will, Peter said. Liam and I will find a perch, hidden by the clouds.

Can they detect us? I asked. Can they sense our magic?

Dark creatures do not have as fine-tuned as our senses, Lord Edward, Liam answered. They'll sense something is afoot, but not to be able to pin-point where that magical incursion is.

I nodded, banking lower and changing into a raven. I flew closer to the palace and landed on one of the top turrets. I looked around, fluffing my wings. I could see the wolves wandering the grounds. Half were in their wolf form, while the rest were human. I saw Jacob as a human and he carried a tray. I took off, following him at a discreet distance. He went into a smaller turret and I listened, trying to see and hear if this was where Rose, Carmen and Marcus were being held. I heard crying, broken crying. With a twist, I landed on the ledge of a window. I peered inside the window, hoping to see our captured people.

The door flung open and Jacob came in. I heard gasps and more crying. "Shut up, whore. Or, I'll give you something to cry about."

"You already have," Carmen hissed. "Animal!"

He growled, tossing the tray into the room. He left the room, slamming the door shut. I changed into a small primate, something with opposable thumbs. With my clumsy hands, I opened the window and hopped inside. Marcus held up his hands in defense, but I changed into my human form. Marcus put his hands down and shook his head. "You need to leave, Lord Edward," he hissed, his voice tired and dejected.

"We're coming to help you," I said, moving toward Carmen and a huddled Rosalie under a blanket. The latter was littered in bruises and she had very little clothing on. What she did have on was torn, almost ripped from her body. "What happened?"

"Jacob lost his temper," Rosalie whispered brokenly. "He discovered the tracking chips." She lifted her blanket and showed me a large gash in her thigh where her chip had been implanted. I growled, wanting to heal her. I lifted my hands, but Carmen stopped me. "You can't, Edward. They can't know you're here."

"Did he ...?" I snarled, narrowing my eyes.

"No. Aro stopped him from doing that," Rose said. "But, it didn't stop him from pawing my body and putting his fingers where they didn't belong."

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