His last goodbye

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Eight years ago

“Will I ever see you again?” Lauren looks into Julian’s eyes and takes his hand; tears streak her face as she looks at her best friend. Both were young though yet they had been through so much. “Of course, I will never leave you Julian, you’re my best friend.” Both stand still in the early morning light both aware of the car running nearby. It was Lauren’s ride out of town and the middle aged woman that stood nearby was her social worker, her auburn hair sat on top of her head and square glasses enlarged her autumn green eyes. She stood a few meters away allowing the two too make their farewells as it would be unlikely they would ever see each other again. She felt sorry for Lauren, she was so young and yet she had no one, her family genetics not allowing many of her family members to past the age of fifty. “Lauren, are you ready to go now?” Lauren looks at Julian and shoves something in his hand, looking down he sees it is her cross, it was once her mothers and he knew how important it was too her. “We’ll see each other again soon, I promise and I – I – I love you Julian.” He reaches across just as she turns her back bringing her into a hug while whispering “I love you too.” Into her ear, though as he lets go, he would soon know the irony of his words as in years to come he will replay these words to Lauren—his last goodbye. 

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