- Chapter 14 -

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"Come and get it! Got7! Hello we're Got7." 

I was surprised at who I was looking at. It seemed like Chaeyoung was as well. 

"Dahyun, Chaeyoung, you guys can take a seat." JYP said politely. 

"I am very sorry for being late..." I apologized. 

"It's okay Dahyun. It was only a few minutes. Anyway, let me explain about what's happening right now." 

JYP seemed excited. I was curious about what was going to happen because Chaeyoung and I were told that it was something important, but we didn't know what it was specifically about. 

"So, Got7 are going to have a comeback next month," JYP explained, 

"and I decided that you guys are going to be featured on their music video." 

As soon as PD-nim said that, I looked at Chaeyoung and we were both super happy. 

"Thank you so much PD-nim! Thanks for giving us a great opportunity!" I exclaimed. 

I was super excited. It was like a dream come true. I couldn't believe that I would be featured in Got7's music video. Most of the members like BamBam and Yugyeom trained with us a few years ago, but Got7 has now become so popular now. We started to talk more about the new music video. The music video was gonna be for their new title song, Stop Stop It. Apparently I'm gonna be the 'main' girl in the video. I can't believe it! 

After the meeting, I got my script for the music video. Me, Chaeyoung, BamBam and Yugyeom started talking. We were all happy to see each other again. 

"Kim Dahyun~ You're gonna act for Jaebum hyung's crush~~" Yugyeom started teasing me. 

"Yeah Dahyun~ I ship it, Dabum!" BamBam exclaimed, agreeing with Yugyeom. 

I raised my eyebrows 

"Seriously? You guys haven't changed a bit. Both of you act like you're younger than me. I swear, even younger than Chaeyoung."

We all laughed and it was soon time for them to go to their next schedule. 

"Guys, let's give each other's phone number and keep in touch." BamBam suggested. 

"Sounds like a good idea!" I agreed. 

We gave each other's numbers, and Chaeyoung and I went home. When we arrived to our house, I read the script I got earlier. Chaeyoung didn't have a script since JB sunbaenim and I were the only ones with lines. The situation in the script was too cringy for me to bare, but I could take it since this is a great opportunity to be recognized by JYP. I hope this could increase the chance of me getting to debut. It seems like I've gotta practice a lot, so I don't ruin the music video.

After 1 week....

It's finally the day of the music video shooting. I haven't gone to school for the past week since I had to get ready for the MV shooting. Chaeyoung and I arrived at the shooting place at 8:30 am, and we got our makeup done at around 9:00 am. When we finished wearing our outfits, Got7 arrived to the studio with their makeup and hair done. As they were walking past us, I bowed and greeted them, 

"Hello sunbaenims."

"Oh! Hey Dahyun. Good luck with today." BamBam replied, while wiggling his eyebrows. 

'BamBam seriously didn't change a bit.'.

Yugyeom simply smiled, and patted my shoulder as they walked past me.

Finally, the shooting started at 11:00 am. In the first scene, I had to enter the roof while listening to music, then basically reject JB by walking away. The main point of this scene was my emotionless face but luckily, I didn't make huge mistakes. It was actually JB who was cringing at himself. 

After finishing the first scene, me and JB had to change into different outfits. Apparently in this scene, I was supposed to act all bubbly and happy. To be honest, I don't really understand the whole story of this, but I just acted like how I was told. 

I got changed and the Got7 members and I were all waiting for JB. I was talking to Yugyeom and BamBam, as usual, then Jackson came and talked with us. 

"Hey Dahyun! Nice to meet you. I'm Jackson Wang." I laughed. 

"You don't have to tell me your name. I already know you, obviously. And by the way, my PE teacher is called Jackson Wang too." 

Yugyeom raised his eyebrows. 

"You go to school these days?" 

I answered,

"Yeah. Wait, don't you go to school as well?" 

"I do. What school do you go to Dahyun?" 

"I go to Hanlim Art High School. How about you?" 

Yugyeom widened his eyes. 

"Me too! How did we not meet each other yet?" 

"Yeah, that's weird. It's probably because you're busy these days, but I'm in grade 11, so I'm probably in the same grade as you." 


Yugyeom was cut by the director. 

"All right guys, JB's here now. Let's get going!" 

We continued shooting the music video until it was time for me to rest. Got7 was filming the dance part of the MV, so I got some time to take a break and get ready for my next scene. The next scene was actually with Chaeyoung, Somi, Momo and more trainees from JYP. Chaeyoung and I had to dance around together, I had to go and sit with JB on the stairs, while linking arms with each other. This was also a very cringy scene but we somehow managed to get through it. The only problem was Yugyeom and Bambam giving me weird looks that made me uncomfortable. They kept giving JB weird looks as well so it was really awkward between the two of us. 

Finally, it was time to film the last scene that I was included in. It was a firework scene. All of the Got7 members and I had to hold a firework and run around. It was by far the funnest scenes to film because we got to play around. I had to hold JB's hand during the whole but I didn't really mind it. It was less awkward than the scenes we filmed before. When we finished our scene, I was still playing me the fireworks. JB just looked at me from a far distance while smiling. He then walked towards me and ruffled my hair. Honestly, my heart started beating and I could feel my face heat up. Even though I wasn't interested at him, I was still shy. 

As we were all about to leave the set, suddenly a boy ran and hugged Yugyeom. 

"How are you Yugyeom? I came here to support you with your new comeback!" 

I was about 5 meters away from them, so I could hear everything. I had a bad feeling. The voice was too familiar. 

'Shoot. No, no, noooooo. Please. NOOO.'

I was hiding my face with my hair. Yugyeom then called me. 

"Dahyun, come introduce yourself to my friend."

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